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Expert Card Mysteries
by Alton C. Sharpe


(1 review, 8 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Expert Card Mysteries by Alton C. Sharpe

From the introduction by Robert Parrish:

Although much of the material in this book comes from advanced current contributors to card magic, Al has included some fascinating lore from the past. There is, for example, the first printed information on Eddie Fay's glimmer technique. I recall that the late Rufus Steele, an informed man of gamblers' dodges, simply refused to believe that Fay was using a reflector. He thought it was a put-on and that Fay was probably using a stack or a pack of marked cards. Then there is Paul LePaul's wonderful transportation of cards into a sealed envelope. Although he explained the trick in his own book, Paul could not bring himself to include the wallet subtlety, which adds an extra dimension to the mystery.

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Acknowledgment
  • Part One
    • Bottom Reverse
    • Multiple Glide
    • Take Me
    • Ultima
    • Fay's Gambling Methods
    • Omega
    • Omega, Sr.
    • Chango-Chango
    • Perfect False Riffle Shuffle - Addition
    • Reacting Riffle
    • Super Stop Stunner
    • Impossible Card Vanish
  • Part Two
    • Jennings' Open Travellers
    • The Turncoat
    • Homing Card
    • Refigured Pre-Figuration
    • Larry's One To Five
    • Jennings' Visitor
  • Part Three
    • Four Of A Mind
    • Hidden Countdown
  • Part Four
    • Quadruple Transmigrationalism
    • Favorite Color Changing Pack
    • Turn Me Over
    • Mirabile Dictu
    • Royal Aces
    • Black Magic
    • Lane's Blue Card In Red Pack
    • Lane's Winning Hand Deal
    • Knockout Card In Aces
    • Borrowed You Find It
    • The Flying Queens
    • Koran's Double Out Prediction
    • Sequence
    • Pira
    • Numbero
    • Can You
    • Think And It's Trapped
    • Reverso
    • Triple Reverse
    • Two - Four - Six - Eight - Find
    • Gathering Of The Clan
    • Sock It To Me
    • Any Time Aces
    • The Ultimate Transfer
    • Question
    • Prelude
    • Combination
    • Blank Surprise
    • Cavorting Aces
    • Jumping Jacks
    • Ken's Separation
    • Ken's Immediate Spell
  • Part Five
    • Signature Torn And Restored
    • The Great Stabbing Trick
    • Cards And Wallet
    • Card In Orange
  • Part Six
    • Marlo Re-Stacking Pack
    • Multiple Mental Spell
    • X-Ray Deck Handling
    • Blank Thought
  • L'envoi

1st edition 1969; 1st digital edition 2016, 129 pages.
word count: 60804 which is equivalent to 243 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Phillip Dennis (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 10 September, 2021

This book refers back to Sharpe's previous book, Expert Card Conjuring several times. Purchasing that eBook first or along with "Mysteries" will help you to get the most from "Expert Card Mysteries." There are many nice effects in this book. If you are an intermediate-level card magician be prepared to learn some great new sleights as you advance toward "expert!"