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Outta Sight by Devin Knight

The Ultimate Tossed-Out Deck That Fools Magicians!

This was one of the most talked about effects from Devin Knight's recent lecture tour. A different handling for the tossed-out deck that fooled many magicians.

What makes this version different? The deck is examined and shuffled by a spectator before the effect begins. The cards are freely shown to be different to the audience. Once the deck is banded, the performer lifts up the various parts of the deck showing the audience DIFFERENT CARDS as he explains how to peek at a card.

The SAME deck is tossed out and three people each peek at a card. Immediately and with NO FISHING, the performer begins to divine each person's card, correctly telling that person something about his or her card. Read that again, you tell each person something about the card, such as the value or color. Finally the performer correctly names all three cards.

Those who saw Devin perform this can attest this method floored the magicians in attendance, and few had any idea as to how it was done until the secret was shown.

BONUS: UNGIMMICKED TOSSED-OUT. This e-book will also show you how to do a tossed-out deck using any regular deck. Yes even a borrowed deck. Toss it out, let three people stand and peek at cards. You name the cards and they sit down. A revolutionary method developed by the late Al Mann and Devin Knight, based on a little known principle created by Ormond McGill. Do it anytime you need to do a tossed-out deck routine and forgot to bring yours.


"I feel that Devin Knight's contribution is a powerful variation on "tossed out deck."...This one is good." - Wayne Kawamoto, Magic & Illusion

"Can I recommend getting this one? Absolutely." - Christian, MyLovelyAssistant

1st edition 2012, 16 pages, photo illustrated.

word count: 7311 which is equivalent to 29 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Lee Boyd (confirmed purchase)
★★★★   Date Added: Friday 07 December, 2012

It needs to be pointed out that you need a gimmick deck to perform this which is not pointed out at the offset. In addition, you need additional materials as well. Whilst the method used is acceptable, I do not feel that the deck could be fully examined as it suggests..... Which to all in tense and purposes is the reason I purchased it only to be feeling mislead. It indicates that it differs and is unlike other effects of the same vibe, I totally disagree.

The non gimmicked version, in my opinion is also a cop out.... It is a very condescending method which if I was a spectator, the magician would have no end of problems as it relies on audience management. The title notes advertised for the non gimmicked version, I feel are somewhat misleading. This method would have been better if he had kept it a secret as I feel it is unethical.

Lee Boyd BoydiniMagic

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