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For Magicians Only
by Charles Waller


(3 customer ratings) ★★★

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For Magicians Only by Charles Waller

Once in a lifetime, there comes a book - a volume that will stand in magical history as a lasting monument, and tribute to the Magic Art. This, according to Floyd Thayer, is such a book.

Part 1 is devoted to the purpose and presentation of magic in all its phases - comprising the complete analysis of Magic from the beginning to the end: What Magic Is, Apparatus and Sleights, Dress, Environment, Plot, Silence, Speech, Dramatic, Humorous, Music, Settings, Program Material, Introductions, The Magic Sketch, etc. etc.

Part 2 deals with an abundance of remarkable examples of patter, adaptable to standard effects in magic.

Part 3 is comprised of many new and original effects - a veritable paradise of original mystical mysteries under the following titles, with full explanatory illustrations:

  • Pop!
  • My Lady's Fan.
  • The Elongated Donkey.
  • The Aerial Knot.
  • Throw a Six.
  • Wedding Bells.
  • The Elfin Torches.
  • The Top That Tours.
  • "An Empty Bottle of Beer."
  • Percolation Phenomenal.
  • "Any Bites?"
  • A Vase of Flowers.
  • Stringing the Ring.
  • Magic Broth.
  • The Girl Behind the Pen.
  • Oranges and Lemons.
  • The Harlequin Cigarette.
  • Mirage or the Phantom Lift.
  • The Wide, Wide World--A full stage illusionary spectacle, with frontispiece illustration.
Some of the effects were later marketed separately by Thayer. This is a testament to the quality of the author's creations. The original print edition was limited to 1000 copies and was sold out shortly after release. Now, in this newly revised and corrected digital edition, you, too can own a copy of this masterpiece of magic.
"One of my favorite tricks is the Charles Waller Silk Penetration ['Percolation Phenomenal'] in which a silk placed in a glass penetrates a bandana stretched over the mouth of a glass." - Warren J. Kaps

"To my mind, the three cleverest men in magic are G. W. Hunter, Charles Waller and Al Baker. With them, magic is an art." - Max Holden

"A worthy contribution to magical literature. The author is to be congratulated for writing it." - Dr. A. M. Wilson

"Contains much that should be studied and applied. Quite a few effects that can be added to good advantage to most any program. One that seems predominant in my mind is 'Percolation Phenomenal or [the] Magic Web'. The effect of this is very remarkable." - Mark Henry

"The tricks [in Part III] are both new and original; in fact, each is a magical gem. The whole of the book, from cover to cover, is really first rate." - Will Goldston

1st edition 1923, PDF 163 pages.
word count: 41784 which is equivalent to 167 standard pages of text