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by R. Shane


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Four by R. Shane

More weird and wonderful magic to amaze and entertain!

A woman who suffers from growing agoraphobia and finds more to fear inside than out, a miser who knows the true value of things, a poor woman brutally murdered in reality and imagination, gods tired of the fickleness of man, science and magic meeting and melding -- all of these and more await you in "Four", the latest volume of strange magic! 13 routines of frightening, weird, and plain enjoyable magic!

  • Consider the separation between genius and insanity as the spectator visibly makes the trip from one to the other!
  • Explain that what Native Americans call "dreamcatchers" may not have been a gift from the gods but a cruel trick!
  • Display the wonderful things listening to those little voices can lead you and a spectator to do, but watch out for what they say next!
  • Show why one man's treasure is another man's measure, and why the value of some things is merely a lost dream!
  • Examine physics and the power of real magicians to conquer known science not by beating them, but being them!
  • Demonstrate one man's revenge through a simple game of dominos!
  • Prove how, sometimes, the one means of escape sometimes isn't and the egress comes to us at too high a price!
  • Illustrate magically why being selfish and greedy is one of the most kind and generous things you can do!
  • Travel down memory lane to the days of a twisted family and one very, very bizarre family member!
  • Take a trip inside the mind of Aleister Crowley and discover once and for all what he was really seeking all his life!
  • Discover why, sometimes, losing is more important than winning, or even playing the game!
  • Demonstrate the good, the bad, and the complete evil found not in a deck of cards but in the human imagination and human desires!>Show why religious belief shouldn't be taken lightly, nor should the impatience of deities!
And that's just the beginning of the things you'll discover in -- and present from -- Four!

1st edition 2005; 103 pages.

  1. Introduction
  2. Four Words
  3. The God-Of-The-Month Club
  4. Imagining Things
  5. The Child's Game With Secret Rules
  6. Picking the Pocket of Aleister Crowley
  7. Slick Black Cadillac
  8. A Line Much Too Thin
  9. Greedy Little Bastards
  10. Bad Dreams
  11. And the Little Voices Say
  12. The Miser's Nightmare
  13. Newton Versus Einstein Versus Quantum Magics
  14. Walking Through the Boneyard
  15. The Only Way Out
  16. A Final Word

word count: 42402 which is equivalent to 169 standard pages of text