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by R. Shane


(7 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Two by R. Shane

The strange magic continues!

Well, Shane has done it again! His second book, Two, is another must-have winner. Anyone and everyone with a sincere interest in bizarre, storytelling, magic should read this book and I assure you there is something in it for everyone. Shane employs Cups and Balls, Himber Wallets, coins and cards, dice, mirrors, math, scents, liquids, limericks, jokes, wagers, and even scorpions in his routines... The variety will please you. You will laugh, cry, wonder and worry. You will be entertained just reading the pages. In short, this book is for you. Buy it! -- Larry White, Editor, MUM

As powerful as his book One was, his book Two even more so, and is undoubtedly one of the best written books on presentation, I have read. He will make you think about what you are doing with your own magic and will blow you away with some of the methods and techniques. He will make you cry with the emotionally charged, literate thinking. There is much to be learned and Shane is a skillful teacher. If you don't get any another books this season, get the Shane books. -- Ed Solomon, Author

They say of movies; its sequel is seldom as good as the original. This is not true of Shane's latest offering. I've read his book One, and it is extremely good. Not to read or own a copy deprives you of a tremendous learning experience, and hours of enjoyment. -- Ron Dayton, Author

Get Two by Shane. It is a wonder. -- Robert Neale, Author, "Tricks of the Imagination", "The Magic Mirror"

"One & Two are simply the most impact-laded and thought-provoking books I've read in ages!" -- Ben Harris, creator, "Exit51", "Cosmosis"

Moonshiners with secrets, magicians with attitude, gamblers with too much to lose, and surprise appearances by deities with too much time on their hands-- all these and more in this second volume of strange magic!

Over 20 routines ranging from touching and emotional to ridiculous and fun!

  • Show how a magician performing tricks is a powerful force for change... and effects the history of the world!
  • Have a spectator see what happens when a haunting goes much too far!
  • Let the spectator sell his soul with the most unexpected of results!
  • Use pebbles to reveal the most mundane of things... and the most hidden!
  • Demonstrate why paying attention in school could save a life... or a soul!
  • Show why one bad day is the only difference between sanity and madness, and what the spectator will do about it!
  • A red pill and a blue pill prove what deja vu can do, over and over again.
And that just scratches the surface of the things you'll learn -- and be performing -- from Two!

1st edition 2004; 101 pages.

  1. Introduction
  2. Two Words
  3. In Opposition
  4. Someone Has To Do It
  5. Dede's Revenge
  6. "It Was A Picture From Life!"
  7. The Revelation of the Great Cabal
  8. Mathematically Challenged
  9. Never A Winner Lost
  10. Talking Rocks
  11. Articles of Faith
  12. The Sacred and The Profane
  13. The Sting
  14. Theory of Irrelevancy
  15. The Bar Joke
  16. Rollin' Bones
  17. The Quick and the Presumed Dead
  18. Unk's Day Job
  19. Encapsulated Revelation
  20. All It Takes
  21. Wonder of Wonders
  22. An Inoffensive Little Trick
  23. A Final Word

word count: 43209 which is equivalent to 172 standard pages of text