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by R. Shane


(9 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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One by R. Shane

Strange magic to amuse, frighten and entertain!

"One & Two are simply the most impact-laded and thought-provoking books I've read in ages!" -- Ben Harris, creator, "Exit51", "Cosmosis"

"One absolutely dazzles me. I am quite taken by the effects, the methods, the props, the presentations and the advice on performing. The results are novel, thoughtful, funny and scary. To be blunt, I wish I had created it all myself... This is the best thing in bizarre magic to have happened to me in years." -- Robert Neale, Author, "Life, Death, and Other Card Tricks", "Tricks of the Imagination", "The Magic Mirror"

"...This is a book that will absolutely delight anyone who enjoys storytelling magic. The twenty-three tales Shane offers are wonderfully varied. Some chilling, some just fun, all powerful... His material is outstanding because each tale is thoroughly worked out in fine detail, both in story and effects... There is something for everyone in this book... I absolutely positively guarantee that you will love this book if you love bizarre magic." -- Larry White, Magic Editor, M-U-M

"...I'm hooked! This is one of the most enjoyable reads I've had in a long time! If you are a bizarrist, get this book as soon as you can. If you think you're a bizarrist, get this book now! If you think bizarrists are creepy guys who walk around all day in black cloaks with long pointy beards and pentagram jewelry, I think you'll enjoy seeing the field in a new light, and might even find yourself drawn to it." -- Andy Leviss

"...I want to shout to the skies that this is one of the very best books on Bizarre Presentation I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Cleverly written, solid thinking, skillful wit and charm are but a few of the accolades I would heap on this masterful production... Get 'ONE' from Shane and you will have a classic that you will read over and over." -- Ed Solomon, Author

From the creator of Visions Magazine!

The Bermuda Triangle, disappearing towns, pint-sized geniis, vampire hookers, and William Randolph Hearst -- all these and more are presented as entertaining pieces of theatrical magic!

Over 20 routines from the strange to the horrifying to the just plain fun! These are not pieces of smoke from an armchair bizarrist -- this is storytelling magic at its finest from the repertoire of a working bizarre magician!

From an beautifully eerie revelation courtesy of an impromptu witchboard to a humorous tale of a pint-sized genii to strange scratchings revealing predictions, there's something in this book for everyone, whether they lean to the horrifying or to the just plain fun!

  • Cast a deadly spell and allow your spectators to see the effects of a demonic curse!
  • Let your audiences in on the challenge between God and scientists!
  • Show exactly why magicians don't go around producing all the money they'd like (and the dire consequences of doing so)!
  • Let your spectators bypass talking to spirits and get an answer to their secret question from Heaven itself!
  • Show why werewolves have the odds stacked in their favor nowadays!
  • Give a spectator proven, psychic ability even they cannot explain!
  • Pass a curse to a spectator with the help of a letter from a little girl who is frightfully dead -- and not at all happy about it!
And that just scratches the surface of the things you'll learn -- and be performing -- from One!

Includes the reputation-making routine, "PHASING!"

1st edition 2003; 104 pages.

  1. Introduction
  2. Words of One
  3. The Nine Bizarrist Charges
  4. Maybe They Were Just Unlucky
  5. Having Writ
  6. Nocturnal Transmissions
  7. Amanda’s Great Magic Trick
  8. Hand of Death, Sword of Justice
  9. Paying The Bill
  10. A Cautionary Tale
  11. The Tale of Cedar Creek
  12. November Rain
  13. God and the Scientist
  14. Cassandra’s Quandary Revisited
  15. The True Cost of Money
  16. The First of the Last
  17. Behind The Times
  18. Squeal of Fortune!
  19. Dark Channel
  20. Through A Glass, Darkly
  21. With A Little Help From A Friend
  22. Message in a Bottle
  23. Times Change
  24. Big Bargain!
  25. Signed, William Randolph Hearst
  26. Phasing!

word count: 41131 which is equivalent to 164 standard pages of text