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by R. Shane


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Three by R. Shane

More strange magic to engage and entertain!

A man who forgets what it means to be human, a spectator who may be more than she seems, a legendary and quite dead lover seeking an evening's diversion, the real and quite visible essence of nightmares -- all of these and more await the intrepid in "Three", the latest volume of strange magic!

16 routines of frightening, weird, and fun magic!

  • Capture a spectator's nightmare, visibly, and give it to them as a dark reminder of what sleep brings!
  • Allow a quite dead legendary lover prove that, though deceased, a cad is still a cad!
  • Show why an old man's tears are shed for something no one would imagine!
  • Discover what happens when we stop the quaint tradition of paying the ferryman to cart our dead across the Styx!
  • Put aside predicting headlines and chosen cards and show there are much more important -- and grisly -- things to predict
  • Visit a legend of Old Japan and a judicial court like no other!
And that's just the beginning of the things you'll find in -- and perform from -- Three!

1st edition 2004; 106 pages.

  1. Introduction
  2. Three Things
  3. The Measure of a Man
  4. Pop Quiz
  5. Burnt, Too
  6. The Return of Casanova, More or Less
  7. Coins for the Ferryman, Plus a Little Something For the Crew
  8. The Forgotten
  9. Pennies Back and Forth
  10. Slasher: The Day After the Night Before the Dawn of the Nightmare of a Texas Chainsaw Psycho Maniac, Part 17
  11. Carny Days
  12. Something Special
  13. The Night + Mare
  14. Weeping, An Old Man
  15. Life3
  16. The End of the World as We Know It
  17. Is There A Death So Good?
  18. The Stolen Smell
  19. A Final Word

word count: 43677 which is equivalent to 174 standard pages of text