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Franklin M. Chapman

Franklin M. Chapman

(1902 - 15th July 1954)

Born in the USA. Inspired at age 10. Advertising executive and semi-pro magician. Contributor to Sphinx and Genii.

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Franklin M. Chapman
Chap's Scrapbook by Franklin M. Chapman

This is the favorite 'book' of Gaetan Bloom. This monthly magic journal only ran for two years (24 issues) but it is filled with wonderful ideas largely on close-up magic. Although most of the effects described are from Frank Chapman, there are a few contributions from people like Charlie Miller, Nate Leipzig, etc.

To give you a sense of what Frank had in mind, here an excerpt from the first issue:

Magic is my hobby ... It has been my hobby for over twenty-five years ... I am not a professional magician ... This may be questioned because I occasionally entertain for a fee ... I do this for two reasons ... To keep...

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Franklin M. Chapman
Twenty Stunners with a Nail Writer by Franklin M. Chapman

The nail writer is an extremely powerful tool for the mentalist. It's origin is unclear. One of the earliest references can be found in the book Spirit Slate Writing and Kindred Phenomena, written by William. E. Robinson and published in 1898. Therein it was called "The Thumb Pencil Carrier". This booklet will give you an easy start using this gimmick.

Paul Fleming wrote:

We have had a high opinion of the "nail-writer" ever since, a good many years ago, Paul Rosini gave us a demonstration in which he used this tiny piece of apparatus. Of course, it does not follow that, just because Mr. Rosini produces a near-miracle with the aid of this "fake," all magicians...

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)