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Fred Darevil

Fred Darevil has been a full time working mentalist and bizarre magic performer in France since 1993. He is a certified Master Practitioner in NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis. He's too a board games creator and a live action role-playing game organizer for his pleasure. As a self-taught musician, he composes the music for his shows. He uses all these different psychological and artistic approaches to make his presentations and creations emotionally immersive and entertaining experiences.


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Fred Darevil

Crazy Cocktail by Fred DarevilA very visual and entertaining effect, complete with presentation, beautiful graphics, and soundtrack.

You will predict :

  1. The ingredients freely chosen by spectators to make their unique "Crazy Cocktail"!
  2. The price of the cocktail!
  3. An additional, totally free choice made by the spectator at the last second before the revelations. The prediction will be found in an envelope the spectator had in her hands since the beginning of the routine. The envelope is normal, is not switched, and can be examined by the spectator!
Crazy Cocktail

The ebook includes:

  • Every detail for maximum impact with...
2013 / 4 / 10

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Fred Darevil

Tryptik by Fred DarevilFred Darevil is a French professional mentalist and magician. Tryptik is a selection of three effects he's been using professionally for several years with success. Originally sold as a printed booklet by Magic Smith, this ebook version has been updated with more photos, new ideas and subtleties.
Larry Becker said about Taxi Gambler: "I like it very much. Your method is very workable. You have created an excellent piece of mentalism for which you have to be congratulated".
ONE ONLY: Talking about feminine intuition, the mentalist gives an opaque envelope to a woman in the audience. There is a card...
2013 / 2 / 19

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