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Fred Kaps Lecture - It's So Simple
by Fred Kaps

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Fred Kaps Lecture - It's So Simple by Fred Kaps

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Back in 1965 Fred Kaps gave a landmark lecture at the Magic Circle and now this lecture is available as MP3 download including a PDF which is a transcription of the lecture with additional illustrations. Bearing in mind Fred Kaps' reputation, it is strange that so little has been written about the man and his methods. Just the first ten minutes of this recording holds a fundamentally important lesson every serious student of magic needs to know.

Other than several magazine contributions, little of Fred Kaps' work exists in the English language. There are two sets of lecture notes, one dealing with general magic and the other describing some of the coin magic Kaps performed on a film made for magicians.

Although not an inventor, Kaps did have the ability to take any effect and make it a miracle by molding it to his own personality; a personality which made it impossible for others to copy. This was one of the keys to Kap’s success. He made the trick part of himself. Its presentation was so interwoven with his own personality that it was impossible to imagine anyone else performing anything that Kaps had already done.

He did this again and again. The Floating Cork, Homing Card, Salt Pour, Surprise Stab, Blank Notes to Bank Notes, Chink A Chink and many others. After Kaps had performed the routine you could not imagine anyone else doing it better.

This recording came originally with a little printed booklet which held a transcription of the tape, some drawings, and comments for clarification. We converted this booklet to a PDF which is included with this download.

  • Introduction
  • It's so Simple
  • Coin and Glass Routine
  • Coins and Cup
  • The Topit Vanisher
  • Palming Coins
  • Cigarette to Coin
  • The Hoo Coin
  • The Tie-Topit
  • Secret Pockets
  • What's New?
  • Sail through a Crisis
  • The Princess Card Trick
  • Supersonic Variation
  • The Three Jokers
  • Chinese Bowl and Chopstick Move
  • Ring through Silk
  • Ring off String
  • Encore
  • End Notes

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run time 66 minutes