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Fred Kaps' Purse
by Fred Kaps

#1 Paper & Paper Money author
#3 Audio author
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Fred Kaps' Purse by Fred Kaps

From a manuscript written by Fred Kaps.

The descriptions are almost entirely Fred Kaps' own, taken from the manuscripts in his handwriting. Changes of words or grammar have only been made where the meaning could have been in doubt had Fred's terminology been used. Fred Kaps' Purse uses techniques by Fred Kaps, fully explained and illustrated with original photographs.


This is one of my pet effects that I practically always carry with me because I can do the routine anytime, anywhere, without any set-up.

The effect is: you show an elegant little purse frame from which you produce an old English Penny. You make the coin disappear and appear a few times after which you want to put the coin back in the purse (frame). However there appears to be another coin inside, a Chinese one, which you take out and show. You tell your spectators that you would like to show them something interesting with the two coins. You take the English penny and drop it (?) into the purse frame you are holding in your left hand.

With your right hand you pick up the Chinese Coin and you tell your audience to watch carefully....Suddenly your right hand holds the English penny and you take the Chinese coin from the purse frame. The two coins have changed places!

You open the purse frame and drop the two coins one by one into it. The two coins disappear completely leaving you only with the purse frame which you put back into your pocket.

1st edition 1994; original 18 pages; 17 pages; photo illustrated.
word count: 2421 which is equivalent to 9 standard pages of text