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Full-On Mystique
by Ken Muller

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Full-On Mystique by Ken Muller

The ebook details the history, theory, psychology, and techniques of the 'Full-On' coin production approach developed over many decades.

Four different methods are explained, each slightly different to accommodate different settings/framing, but each remembered as Full-On.

There are no effects in this ebook. Check out Eminent Coin Production as one way to combine all four methods. Each method can be a 'stand-alone' production mixed with other favorite methods.

The search was for the perfect coin production of one or several coins from thin air where both hands are displayed as completely empty. The standard was asking, "how would a layperson hold their hands?"

FULL ON - palm to the audience, fingers spread except thumb and forefinger tips ready to grasp the coin.

The audience will remember that both hands were shown to be empty before the production, and in repeat phases, the searching hand held nothing before the coin appeared in the air waiting to be grabbed. Yup, the coin is seen to gradually materialize in the air before the fingers touch it.

Can be done with coins, buttons, washers, etc. that your hands can handle, half dollar size recommended. You will learn several new moves, sleights, and stratagems that require moderate skill and performing experience. No knuckle busters. But, practice is required - and confidence, and audience engagement skills, and desire to have the audience think "must be magic."

1st edition 2021, PDF 14 pages.
word count: 6865 which is equivalent to 27 standard pages of text