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Giocate! by D. Angelo Ferri

This ebook is a study of the classic Italian card games: Scopa, Quindici, Briscola, and Tresette. The author's interest in playing cards dates back to childhood, his grandparents, his family … they loved to play cards; so does he.

In addition to rules, you will find beginner to advanced playing strategies and Ferri's method for secretly signaling your partner as to what cards you hold. This is based on the system he learned from one of his early influences - the great John Scarne.

In addition to be being one of the greatest manipulator of playing cards and perhaps the greatest card mechanic of all time, Scarne was a gambling expert, and sleight of hand artist. He wrote many books on cards, dice, gambling, he invented board games, set up gambling houses, taught G.I.'s how to avoid being cheated when gambling, and more.

Ferri wanted to write a book about some great Italian card games he loves to play in the style of Scarne on Cards.

At the end of Giocate! you will find the author's short story Scopa. It is about the failed assassination of then President Elect Franklin D. Roosevelt. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act Ferri was able to read FBI files about the case. This is the story about a guy who was set up to take the fall, and to Ferri it is the blueprint for the Kennedy Assassination. There is a lone gun man 'who acted alone'. There are political ties, Chicago connections, and underworld connections.

1st edition 2012, 169 pages.
word count: 37499 which is equivalent to 149 standard pages of text