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by Nefesch


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Hatching by Nefesch

You borrow a normal egg from a spectator, who signs it with a permanent pen. Then you borrow a coin and also have it signed by the spectator. Now you proceed to put the signed egg and signed coin together and without making any funny or weird movements. The coin visually penetrates the egg and goes through its shell!. It all happens right before the eyes of the spectator. The egg is now shown all around completely intact, with no scratches or holes. Your hands are shown both sides, all angles are totally clean, you are not hiding or palming the coin, it really has 'melted' into the egg! You prove it by slowly and gently breaking the egg into a glass. The coin doesn't just appear to fall into the glass, it visually coming out from the inside of the egg while it is being opened!

If you prefer, you can let the spectator open the egg and take out the signed coin from the inside.

It requires some preparation, but it is worth the strong effect. Although this will take some time and effort on your part, the ebook is very detailed with photos and description.

Expect to get nervous laughs, gasps and screams, as this really is as close to true magic as anyone could hope for!

  • Will I have to cover up the action to hide the 'dirty work'? No. This is totally visual and happens right in front of their eyes. No funny movements or unnatural actions, just impossible close up magic in its purest form.
  • Is it a real egg? Yes. Hatching does not use any rubber eggs or fakes. You can borrow an egg, borrow the coin really 'transfer their signed coin inside the egg!
  • I've seen other effects where a coin only appears to go into a can or bottle, is this the same? No. Hatching takes the concept of a signed coin in an impossible place, and moves it to the highest level. The coin really is inside the egg! For centuries, the egg has been a symbol of purity and nature. That's why this effect has such a strong psychological impact on the audience. The coin really is inside the egg before it's being broken, and the egg is shown 360 degrees to be free of scratches or gimmicks.
  • Do I have to use my own egg? No. You can borrow an egg and perform this effect. In fact we recommend it. Hatching also includes a stunning impromptu routine. Borrow any egg, borrow any coin. You can just go right into the effect anytime - anywhere.
  • Is this practical for real world conditions? Yes. Here are a few reasons why: Both the egg and the coin are signed by spectator. It can be performed surrounded. You end totally clean. Everything can be inspected at the beginning and at the end of the effect.
1st edition 2006; 71 pages.
word count: 7496 which is equivalent to 29 standard pages of text

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