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Hints and Tips
by Larry Brodahl

#1 Patter, Plots & Scripts author

(1 review, 18 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Hints and Tips by Larry Brodahl

Hints and tips covering everything from "The needle through Balloon" to "how to transport your act".

Have you ever done the "Needle Through Balloon" and had the balloon pop prematurely? No more - not even if you use Dollar General Balloons!

Have you ever struggled to transport your act? Here's help. Do you want a more visible and deceptive shuffle to use with the sidwalk shuffle? Gotcha covered! In this free ebook, Larry Brodahl - the author of the Scripted! Series gives you:

  • a method to never again pop a balloon during the Needle through balloon
  • handling to make the what's next trick more deceptive
  • a way to easily transport your act
  • a method to storage quickly and safely cords, ropes, and cables
  • and more.
All this, and more...and for free!

1st edition 2017, 40 pages.
word count: 5826 which is equivalent to 23 standard pages of text

Reviewed by James Wood (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 12 July, 2017

Hints and Tips is a wonderful gift from Larry Brogdahl and It is the equivalent of attending a Magic Club meeting where a highly experienced magician shares his hard won knowledge of how to deal with common problems encountered by every magician. For instance, this little book gives very useful tips for how to keep the balloon from popping in Needle Through Balloon (Brogdahl's solutions is NOT scotch tape), how to simplify the handling for Sidewalk Shuffle, and how to improve the Surprising Dots trick (the trick in which the number of dots on two sides of a large card keep changing). Hints are also given for how to transport props to a magic show, how to handle dry hands, and many other common problems. Every working magician is sure to find several hints in this book that will make life easier. Thanks, Mr. Brogdahl!