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Holy Hofzinser
by Cameron Francis

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Holy Hofzinser by Cameron Francis

A stunning new packet effect by Cameron Francis.


A card is selected and lost in the deck, we'll say it's the Six of Diamonds. The magician introduces a packet of four cards. Each card has one hole punched through it. The cards are flipped face up and are seen to be the four Aces. "The Aces are going to tell us the suit and value of the card you selected. First they'll tell us the suit."

The magician gives the packet a twist. He spreads the cards and one of the Aces is now face down. The Ace of Diamonds. "This tells me that the card you picked was a Diamond!" The magician then removes the face down card from the spread and waves it over the deck. Suddenly, there are six holes in the card! "This tells me you picked the Six of Diamonds."

The deck is spread and one card is seen to be reversed in the middle. The card is turned over and is revealed to be... The Ace of Diamonds. The card with the six holes in it is turned face up. It is now the Six of Diamonds!

  • Easy to do
  • Easy to make gimmick
  • Instant reset

1st edition 2011; 7 pages.

word count: 1926 which is equivalent to 7 standard pages of text

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