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Home Gymnastics
by Professor Hoffmann

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Home Gymnastics by Professor Hoffmann

This book teaches exercises with dumb-bells, pulley-weights and elastic strings. You also get a good introduction into the theory of exercising, the body and its muscles. And it also has a chapter on obesity, which couldn't be more timely.

Published 1899 by George Routledge and Sons; 63 illustrations; 199 pages.

  1. Chapter I: Introduction
  2. Chapter II: The Physiology of Exercise
  3. Chapter III: The Various Forms of Exercise
  4. Chapter IV: How and When to Exercise
  5. Chapter V: The Muscles of the Body
  6. Chapter VI: The Dumb-Bells and Exercises Therewith
  7. Chapter VII: The Pulley-Weight Apparatus
  8. Chapter VIII: Exercises with the Pulley-Weight Apparatus
  9. Chapter IX: India-Rubber Exercisers
  10. Chapter X: Exercises without Apparatus
  11. Chapter XI: Home Gymnastics for Women and Children
  12. Chapter XII: Exercise in Relation to Obesity
  13. L'Envoi

word count: 41913 which is equivalent to 167 standard pages of text