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How to Answer Questions for Crystal Gazing and Mind Reading Acts
by Burling Hull


(1 review, 1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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How to Answer Questions for Crystal Gazing and Mind Reading Acts by Burling Hull

Explaining the Burling Hull method of reducing the subject to a system - by classifying questions in four divisions and rendering answers according to a set of prescribed principles for each classification.

This work provides a clear description of a highly practical method of how to answer questions, and how to avoid or answer difficult questions. It also includes information on how to construct the introductory talk. This was part of Annemann's Five Foot Shelf and is therefore required reading for mentalists. It does not explain how to get knowledge of the questions themselves but there are several ways to do that, for example, pre-show work with impression devices, one ahead, or other techniques of secret billet reading.

  • Explanatory
  • System One. Detailed Answers, (Dates And Names)
  • System Two. Questions Admitting Of Humorous Reply.
  • System Three. How To Answer Questions That Cannot Be Answered
  • System Four. For Answering General Type Of Questions
  • The Introductory Talk Or Lecture
    • Why The Introductory Lecture Is Important
    • What The Introductory Talk Can Be Made To Do
    • Forcing Choice Of Questions
    • Eliminating Difficult Or “Catch” Questions
    • Eliminating Antagonism
    • Conclusion Of Talk
    • Special Feature Stunts
    • Local Court Cases And Predictions
    • Psychic Test Questions

1st edition 1921, reprinted 1927, 42 pages; PDF 37 pages.
word count: 13904 which is equivalent to 55 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Gregg Webb (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 14 April, 2024

Along with the Bob Cassidy books, and Paul Voodini books I've been reading lately, this book is a very interesting way to take questions and word your answer so that you are giving for your answer something that was hidden in the way the question was worded. Realize that if working for a large audience, as this method was intended, that the vast majority of people won't know exactly how the question was worded. I knew of Hull from his book on billiard balls, and also some card tricks, but this work for mentalists is very well worked out.

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