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by Mago Marko


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Forgotten by Mago Marko

This new eBook is a treasure trove of great and practical magic. Old magic books, magazines, and catalogs are full of wonderful tricks that are mostly unknown today. These tricks astonished audiences in the past and they can astonish them today. All the material contained in Forgotten is practical and will work today as well as it did in the past. In this new eBook by Marko (former admin of The Learned Pig Project), you'll find the following.

MAGICAL GERMINATION. Dip your empty hand into a round transparent fishbowl and it magically fills with flowers. Hand is seen empty at all times. You're given instructions on how to easily make your own flowers.

DE KOLTA FLOWERS FROM CONE: Make a cone out of a small piece of paper and dozens of flowers burst forth. Show the paper empty, fold it again into a cone again and many flowers burst from it. Unfold the paper, show it empty, and fold it into a cone, but this time you crush it into a small ball to show that there is nothing inside. Unfold the cone and without any secret loading, a third load of flowers burst forth from the cone. This is the real method to do this as used by the inventor many decades ago.

MYSTERIOUS WRITING AND CARDS: We take a fine trick by Annemann in which writing mysteriously appears on one of two small white cards and apply the principle to a bigger trick in which you show two pieces of cardboard on all sides and cards keep magically appearing between them climaxing with a jumbo card. These are duplicates of chosen cards, but the principle can be applied to commercial products if you work along this line.

THE CUT AND RESTORED TURBAN: A spectacular, flashy, and easy trick to perform. Works great in the biggest of stages and smaller shows. I've been performing this trick for more than 50 years and here I give you all the tips plus my way of dealing with the cut ends which fools even magicians.

STRETCHING A ROPE: This original but seldom-seen trick by the late Milbourne Christopher is sensational. It truly looks like real magic but it's very easy to perform. You show a short piece of rope measuring 2 feet and then magically and cleanly stretch it until it's 20 feet long. Great!

THE CHOCOLATE BOX TRICK: The impossible passage of a borrowed and marked coin from a little cardboard box into a folded bill inside a wine glass. Then the coin magically passes back to the box. Both times, the audience checks the markings and, yes, it's the marked borrowed coin every time! This brief description doesn't do the trick justice. This is a true masterpiece of magic with many fine details. It was incorrectly explained in Greater Magic, but here you have the real method.

ANY CARD THEY SAY: A masterpiece by that creative genius Stewart James. A spectator thinks of any card he wants. You spread the deck and there is a face-up card in the center and this card locates the thought-of card. They can name any of the 53 cards, including the Joker. I have added my own ideas and now you can shuffle the deck and immediately repeat the trick with any other card they think of. You'll really like this!

THE THREE OBJECTS: A mental trick whose origins go back to an era before printed books but it's still effective today. Three spectators chose a different object each and you correctly reveal what object each one has. Again, this short description doesn't do the trick justice.

THE DIE AND THE RIBBON: A big die, a wooden frame, and a ribbon. You thread the ribbon through the frame and the die, trapping the latter inside the former. Then you just pull on the ends of the ribbon and the die jumps free, having penetrated through the ribbon. This is almost automatic and you can perform it again immediately. In fact, you can perform it ad infinitum if you want with no further preparation whatsoever.

BERTRAM'S CARDS TO POCKET: I think this is the most direct method of performing this classic of magic. Cards vanish from your hands one by one and pass magically to your empty pocket. This trick has been in my professional repertoire for many years and I know a thing or two about it which I pass to you in my description of this marvelous magic feat. The step-by-step description is illustrated with clear photographs of my own hands performing this for you. This is not a difficult trick at all, as I'll show you.

THE PENETRATING GLASS: A great visual trick. A stunning penetration. A glass tumbler is covered with a silk handkerchief, a stick is inserted from below and the glass tumbler visibly penetrates upwards through the silk. This one leaves them speechless.

THE DAGGER OF DAMOCLES: An unprepared glass jar is filled with rice. The blade of an Oriental dagger is lowered slowly into the rice. Taking the handle of the dagger by the extreme tip, the performer lifts it and the jar and its contents remain magically suspended. Let a spectator empty the rice out and examine the jar. The dagger is now dropped inside the empty and transparent glass jar. The jar is turned upside down and the dagger floats in mid-air inside it. The jar is filled with water, stood on the palm of hand, and the blade of the dagger lowered into the liquid. The audience sees that the blade does not touch any part of the jar... Yet... when the hand holding the jar is removed... the jar and its contents remain suspended in mid-air.

THE CUT AND RESTORED RIBBON: This is a great trick, originally invented by the great Al Baker. You hold a length of ribbon at the very tips of your fingers. All the audience sees is the ribbon and your otherwise bare hands. A spectator cuts the ribbon at the center, the ends are tied and the cut and knotted ribbon is put on the hand of another spectator. This person closes his fingers and when he opens them again, the knot is gone and the ribbon is in one piece again. You end clean (in fact, you're clean almost from the beginning of the trick). You can perform this with a shoelace if you wish. A true forgotten mystery of magic that you can add to your working repertoire.

1st edition 2024, PDF 67 pages.
word count: 24497 which is equivalent to 97 standard pages of text

Reviewed by hal barlow (confirmed purchase)
★★★★   Date Added: Monday 26 February, 2024

A fun read. There is some useful material here. The more elaborate effects will require fairly good DIY skills, but as is suggested, this is material that has not been overdone.