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John Mendoza Lecture: 1982 in United Kingdom
by John Mendoza

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John Mendoza Lecture: 1982 in United Kingdom by John Mendoza

On August 2nd, 1982, Martin Breese organized a John Mendoza lecture, which was taped for later release as a video. But Martin being the busy publisher he was had so many other projects to work on that he never got around releasing this recording. We rescued the recording from two old Umatic tapes Martin gave to me. Since this was recorded in the early 80s do not expect a high definition video. But it is nevertheless a good recording of Mendoza's lecture. The video has some flaws here and there with stripes, ghost images, and an occasional blackout. The audio track has no noticeable blackouts or problems. Despite these shortcomings it is a wonderful recording of Mendoza in his prime. He was merely 35 years old when this video was shot.

John Mendoza demonstrates and explains several stunning card magic routines from his professional repertoire, and finishes with his legendary chop cup and cups and balls routines, both demonstrated as well as explained.

  • The color changing deck
  • Ambitious 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Zarrow Shuffle and application for red-black separation routine
  • Example for working around a stack: Cutting to the four aces (a simplified Derek Dingle's Open Sesame)
  • A gambler's dream: cutting to the four aces
  • The simple collection (a Roy Walton plot with an easy method)
  • Four queens changing to the four aces, with a climax queen appearing in closed card case
  • Queen assembly plus pointers for the Elmsley count
  • The invisible palm without the need for the D'Amico spread
  • Chop cup
  • Cups and balls

Recorded 1982, 1st release 2020, length 1h 25min.

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