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Kid Stuff

by Frances Marshall
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Kid Stuff by Frances Marshall

Frances Marshall's Kid Stuff series is considered by many experts to be essential reading for anyone interested in performing magic for children. These ebooks contain full scripts, new routines, and advice for both show and business.

  • kid Stuff
  • The Puppet Rabbit Routine
  • The Laurie Ireland Routine With The Egg And Bag Trick
  • Comedy Wand, Handkerchief And Fan Routine
  • The Foxwell Paper Race
  • A Mental Trick For Kids
  • Prelude To Any Rope Trick
  • The Stomach Ache Tube
  • Birthday Child Sequence
  • Ideas For Kid Shows
  • Spellbound
  • Dressing The Doll
  • Eddie Clever's Version Of The Sun And Moon
  • Clown Alley
    • Hot Dogs
    • No Bottom
    • Dead Ducks
    • Funnel Fun
    • Only Fingers
    • For You
    • Eggs
    • Light It
    • The New Supporter
    • Yoo Hoo
    • Small Car
    • Alligator
    • Flying Button
    • Drop The Clothespin
    • One Too Many
    • The Missing Finger
    • Morning Paper
    • The Mobile Rug
    • Long Tongue
    • The Thread
    • Noises
    • Birthday Cake
    • Gum Drops
    • How To Make A Clapboard
    • Balloons
    • Comedy In Costume
    • Slapstick
    • The Spirit
  • Magic And Safety
  • Approaches To The Kid Show
  • The Lecture On How To Play Kid Shows
  • Shopping For Kid Tricks
  • Magic And The Professions
  • Jay Marshall's Bridge Table Punch & Judy
  • Heartbreak Circuit

1st edition 1954, 96 pages; PDF 82 pages.
word count: 32524 which is equivalent to 130 standard pages of text

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