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L.W. Random Conceptions with Cards
by William W. Larsen & T. Page Wright


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★

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L.W. Random Conceptions with Cards by William W. Larsen & T. Page Wright

Long out of print, we're pleased to bring you this nice collection of sleight of hand card work from the team of Larsen and Wright. These clever card miracles are written in a relaxed, personal style, just as if Larsen and Wright were sharing the various moves in the back room of your local magic shop.

You'd expect to pay a king's ransom for the original, single broadside sheet manuscript. Luckily, Magic World has reissued this hard to find manuscript in a revised, easy-to-read digital format. Unlike the original, the individual effects now even have titles, making it easier than ever before to discuss the moves with your peers in online forums.


  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • The Four Ace Trick
  • Acrobatic Card Box
  • Four Ace Variation
  • One-Handed Four Ace Assembly
  • One-Handed Card Location
  • The Hypnotized Spectator
  • Cards from Pocket to Pocket
  • Sucker Explanation for Color Change
  • Color Change Sans Deck
  • Ace to King to Ace
  • Clever Mystery with Double-Faced Card
  • A Simple Card Transposition
  • Jumbo Three Card Monte
  • A Novel Color Change
  • To Vanish A Number of Cards
  • Any Color Called For
  • Any Color Separation
  • Magical Shuffle
  • Balancing a Card . . . or the Deck
  • Multiple Card Discovery
  • Test Conditions Card Miracle
  • Torn and Restored
  • In Closing
  • About the Authors
"An interesting manuscript. Many tricks and sleights are dealt with. There are effects of interest for [card] players, colour changes and some novel discoveries." - George Johnson
1930 S. A. Conrad edition, PDF 35 pages.
word count: 11351 which is equivalent to 45 standard pages of text