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Magic Care Package


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Magic Care Package by

With the pandemic and shutdowns, which have changed industries and impacted pretty much everybody, we thought we spread a little relief, goodwill, and fun by offering our Magic Care Packages. We did something similar several years ago for Christmas.

The idea of the Magic Care Packages is for those who have the financial means to help those who don't. heavily substitutes the price of these packages to contribute to the effort.

What is included in our Magic Care Packages:

1) DVD: Great Scott! It's Magic by Scott F. Guinn. (An excellent DVD all around with great routines.)

2) DVD: One of the A1-Magical Media DVDs we still have in stock. This will be randomly chosen by us. We can't say which package will have which DVD, but it will likely be one of the All Star DVDs (Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), or Greatest Hits, or Learn to Levitate.

3) Two random printed issues of Magicseen. These will likely be issues from a few years ago.

4) The printed book: Paul Harris in Las Vegas Close-Up.

5) One surprise printed book from our warehouse. This could be anything from one of the Martin Breese books, a Ben Harris book, one of our own books or any other book we did release in printed form (The Color Change, The Big Book of Rising Cards, ...)

6) Two tricks chosen at random from among:

The value of this package is at least $70. Depending on the random book we include it could be a lot more, up to about $150. On average the value of the package will be around $100. Yet, all we are asking for it is $19.90 plus shipping and handling, which doesn't come close to cover our cost, but we want to contribute to this effort, too.

You are of course welcome to purchase such a package just for yourself, but the idea is to purchase it for somebody else. Maybe you know somebody who has been hit hard by recent events and you want to send him or her something to cheer them up. Maybe you have somebody in your club you want to lift up. Receiving magic in the mail is for magicians always a bit like Christmas, particularly if it is an unexpected package that arrives out of the blue. Perhaps you know a youngster with little means who would get a kick out of such a package, or a senior who is mostly alone who could benefit from the company of magic.

Please note that we recommend that these packages only be bought for folks in the USA. Shipping overseas is very expensive and would make this package much less favorable money wise. However, if you really want to pay for the shipping you can have it sent anywhere in the world.