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Magicseen No. 32 (May 2010)
by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Magicseen No. 32 (May 2010) by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
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Vol. 6, No. 2, May 2010; 68 pages.

Cover: Gaetan Bloom, Resistance is Futile. The feature article is a chat with Gaetan about his magical roots, creativity, working the Crazy Horse in Paris, and his life.

  1. Welcome
  2. Letters
  3. News
  4. Brad Manuel talks about Comedy Magic and the magic scene in Australia
  5. A short discussion with Dutch magician Ramana
  6. Colin Rose pays tribute to the late Patrick Page
  7. Family entertainer Dave Allen talks about his career
  8. Coin into Bottle: The pros and cons of three methods of performing the Coin into Bottle are discussed
    • Methods
      1. Folding coin inserted into bottle
      2. Genuine coin hidden in bottle
      3. Wide neck bottle using sleight of hand to insert coin
    • Your Buying Options
      • "Abyss" booklet
      • "Folding 10P" gimmicked coin
      • Roy Kueppers' "Coin in Bottle" gimmicked coin
      • "Folding £2 Coin" gimmicked coin
      • "The Secrets of the Folding Coin/Coin into Bottle" DVD
      • "Tango Folding £2 and 10P Coins" gimmicked coins
  9. Four British magicians interviewed about their experiences moving to the USA: Simon Lovell, Paul Hallas, Mark Mason, and Martin Lewis
  10. Gaetan Bloom
  11. Paul Stone talks about his latest venture "THE INNOVENTION" (the ideal Magic Convention)
  12. So you want to be a... Mentalist: Advice from top performers Marc Paul, John Archer, and Kennedy on what it takes to be a successful modern day mentalist. Including excellent advice on how to get work (not limited to mentalists) in the commercial world.
  13. The history of the Sri Lanka Magic Circle, it's charitable work and it's efforts to build a magic headquarters
  14. Wayne Dobson's interview session at the 2010 Blackpool Convention
  15. Mike McClean's advice on putting together a comedy act
  16. Interview with world champion bullwhip and trick roping artist Chris McDaniel
  17. Masterclass
    • Jakob Rasmussen's "Instant Sandwich" - An easy to perform card sandwiched between two cards effect
    • Jeff Prace's "Regeneraser" - A make your own gimmick restoration of a used pencil eraser
  18. Gone In 60 Seconds! - Adrian Sullivan takes 60 seconds to tell about his life
  19. Reviews
    • Mick Hanzlik's trick "Numba-Lok"
    • Creative Magic's utility device plus DVD "The Pandora Bag"
    • Craig Petty's gimmicks plus DVD "Key Master"
    • Gay Ljungberg's book "Audience Management"
    • Bob Solari's card trick with gimmick "Improved Ultimate Brainwave"
    • Steve Reynolds' card effects booklet "Route 52"
    • Steve Reynolds' card effects DVD "Seek 52"
    • Roberto Giobbi's card magic DVDs "Card College 1 & 2 Companion DVDs"
    • Caleb Wiles'card magic booklet "High Spots"
    • Andrew Normansell's close-up magic booklet "Twilight Lounge"
    • Justin Higham's impromptu magic booklet "Secrets of Improvisational Magic"
    • Nikola Pelletier's utility device plus DVD "NoMaD Pad"
  20. Next Issue

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