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Massive Fire Bowl Production
by Devin Knight & Ulysses Frederick Grant


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Massive Fire Bowl Production by Devin Knight & Ulysses Frederick Grant

Available again after being off the market for over 50 years! One of the great effects in magic has been a production of a bowl of fire; but, most of the methods were not sure-fire and were too mechanical or worked with acid and other dangerous methods. Plus the fact that they were always small flat bowls that had to be carried under the magician's coat, etc.

Here is a sure fire non-mechanical or chemical method where the performer does not have to carry a body load and produces a large massive bowl of fire from beneath an unprepared foulard with no secret pockets.

The perfect sensational opening trick, worked away from all tables, chairs and props. It works every time. No danger of cloth catching fire as in other methods. Use any bowl available or pick up one second-hand and you are all set. Astonishing beyond belief and always gets big applause.

This method can be used with any mechanical fire bowl that isn't reliable and this makes it 100% surefire.

This PDF also explains Devin Knight's Method for producing a goblet of fire. The perfect trick for Halloween or if you want to tie in a Harry Potter theme, since one of his movies was: Goblet of Fire.

If you don't want to work with fire, you can use this technique to produce a bowl of water or large duck as both Blackstone and Thurston did in their shows. This is the same method they used.

Even if you never do the trick, you may have seen the ad for this trick in early magic catalogs and wondered how it was done. The original manuscript is near impossible to find. Now you can satisfy your curiosity and learn the secret behind this Grant ad that read almost impossible sounding. Yet his method fulfills the conditions of the ad 100%. A grand look into a U. F. Grant vintage effect.

The perfect Halloween trick to do for the kids who come to your door. Open the door and show a unprepared foulard empty, then using this method, produce a huge bowl full of candy and let them choose a piece. Devin uses this every Halloween when kids come to his front door, first you do a trick and then they get their treat. Instantly resets for the next group kids with no body loads. Nothing better for a Halloween trick. You will use it, once you know the secret.

Important Notice: This has to be an opening trick and like many good tricks, the audience must be in front of you. Please keep that in mind if you are considering buying this PDF.

DISCLAIMER: Although the Grant method is safer than other methods, fire is still dangerous. Use this information at your own risk. Neither the author nor distributor is responsible for any bodily harm or property damage that could be incurred during the performance of this effect. Again you perform this at your own risk.

1st digital edition 2016, 8 pages
word count: 1587 which is equivalent to 6 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Ronald M Levy
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 10 October, 2016

Devin Knight has made available to us a captivating collection of three effects which share aspects of their methods. There is "U.F. Grant's Massive Fire Bowl Production," which is absolutely spectacular. It is presented with a version of this Trick that produces "A Goblet of Fire," which is themed from "Harry Potter," and also a delightful trick for the Halloween "Trick or Treats" which first produces a candy container, and then offers the child a treat. This is entertaining, charming, and mysterious magic with fire that will surely grab the attention of your audiences.