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Mind Divination
by Robert A. Nelson


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Mind Divination by Robert A. Nelson

The Q&A act is one that many believe is the best in mental entertainment. The excellent method described here is one that many paid over $100 to obtain . . . and thought it was a bargain at that price.

Performer passes out small cards on which spectators write their questions and sign their name. Cards are collected, placed in small envelopes and sealed. On returning to stage, the first envelope is placed to performer's forehead and answered. This envelope is then opened for verification and immediately returned to the spectator who wrote it. This continues with as many messages read as you wish.

No dummy questions or plants. Envelopes are of the ordinary coin envelope variety and perfectly opaque. Cards, envelopes and scissors are the only properties employed during the entire presentation. At the conclusion, you have nothing to get rid of. All you possess is a pair of scissors - and a bewildered audience (and stage crew). Positively no one-ahead, no chemicals, no switching apparatus and no confederates. And, yes, this is a one man performance.

May be performed with equal success to a small or large audience, on the stage, in the parlor, for private work, also great for carnival or television. A complete routine, extremely practical, reliable and foolproof. Its operation is simplicity itself, and may be presented in its entirety a few minutes after the instructions are digested. This effect is truly a masterpiece and is most heartily recommended to anyone contemplating a Q&A routine. With this routine and instructions as we supply them, you have a complete act, suitable for any theatre in the country, or may be used in conjunction with your existing act.

For private readings, this principle cannot be excelled, and is fool-proof. You will use it in your show, and in your private work.

The original manuscript has been updated to bring it into the New Millennium with added drawings and performance advice.

Are you a Nelson collector? This book was listed as No. 180 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog. And at a price far, far less than the original price, which was the equivalent of $142 in today's money.

"I believe 'Mind Divination' is the best investment I ever made. It works all the time and leaves the audience completely mystified." - Peter Michaels
1st edition 1927; PDF 23 pages.
word count: 7437 which is equivalent to 29 standard pages of text