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Mindreading for the Masses
by Devin Knight


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Mindreading for the Masses by Devin Knight

This PDF reveals some of Jason Michaels top media psychic stunts. This is updated information and most of this has not appeared in print before.

THE SEALED FOIL TEST: Here is a real reputation maker and it was one of Jason's favorite effects. 100% hands off and sight unseen. This can be done on a local radio talk show or used during your next magic show. Call the host of the radio show at home or the VIP who booked your magic show. Have your over the phone participant select a card from his own shuffled deck. He does not write down the name of the card and makes sure he does it out of sight of any family members. He is instructed to seal his card inside a piece of aluminum foil or an opaque envelope and to tell NO ONE the name of the card sealed inside.

He brings the sealed card to the show and believe it or not you correctly divine the name of the card sealed in the foil, without touching the foil and with no fishing of any kind. This will fool well-versed magicians as it appears impossible. No clipboards, stooges or instant stooges. You really reveal the name of a card sealed in foil that you never touched and was done at the VIP's home. Baffling beyond words. The complete updated secret as used by Jason Michaels at the top of his career, revealed step by step.

THE RADIO CARD REVEAL: This is an entirely different method than the one revealed in the NTE Principle. Jason alternated both methods, so if listeners in a nearby city heard him on the radio again, the effect would be different. Thousands of listeners selected a card at home using their own deck. Jason then uses the stations call letter to locate the cards. He then starts naming the cards that people have selected at home. People are invited to call the station if Jason found their card and the switchboards light up. This is an easy way to get booked on local radio shows.

This can be done as party effect, having all the guest select cards and you find them all without touching the cards. Again, this is a different method than the one explained in NTE Principle.

THE TV PSYCHIC TEST: This was featured by Jason Michaels and his secret appears in print for the first time. This is suitable only for TV shows and Jason performed this on hundreds of local TV talk shows. When you tell the producer what you will do, he will want you to be on the show.

The mentalist goes on the show and says he has special psychic connection with his wife or girlfriend. He shuffles a deck of cards and places them face-down on the table. The mentalist turns away and has the host remove any card from the deck and not show it to the camera. It's a free choice and no force of any kind is used. The performer does not touch the deck during the effect. 100% hands off in the selection. The host concentrates on his card. The mentalist says he will try to read the host's mind and project the name of his card to his wife or girlfriend. Still keeping the card a secret, the host calls the wife and girlfriend and she correctly names the card he selected, which is then shown to the audience. 100% surefire and no MARKED CARDS are used. The wife or girlfriend can be across town. There are no secret accomplices at the TV station. A one-man effect except for your wife or girlfriend the host calls. This is along the lines of Dunninger's brain busters, except there is NO PRESHOW work. This is done live in real time and is one of the most baffling test ever conceived for TV. First time in print. Get all these reputation secrets in one PDF. Even if you never plan to go on TV or Radio, it's worth the price to see how Jason pulled off these miracles. If you do aspire to do Radio or TV then these effects may help you get booked.

"I have purchased many things from Devin Knight and have yet to be disappointed." - Marc Salem

1st edition 2016, 9 pages.
word count: 3885 which is equivalent to 15 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Bill Montana
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 05 February, 2016

When I tell you just stop what your doing and click the buy button - that should tell you everything you need to know about this work. I do not say that very often maybe only twice before.

The work is only 11 pages and only contains a couple of effects. No questions Asked with the Jason Micheal's Refinements is worth many times the price of this work which is only $15 by the way. Should be $50 or more in my opinion and would still be cheap at that price for what is he teaching the reader. Why are you still reading what I am saying? When you should be reading and studying Mindreading for the Masses!

This is the real world worker stuff I have been looking for for a very long time. Reminiscent of the best works from Jason Micheal's - Al Mann - Bob Mason. I say Bob Mason because I learned from him early on and Devin studied with Al Mann and this effect reminded me of some other things Bob taught me way back when - many years ago. I am telling you that this effect with cards is one of those rare gems that you can use over and over anywhere once you understand its diabolical nature. It looks like real mind reading.

The second effect in the work is a TV only effect that is everything that I have wanted to see published from Jason Micheal's simple - direct and effective. As this is the stuff he personally used way back then to become a known force within the psychic entertainment world.

Both of the effects are in Mindreading for the Masses the new work from Devin Knight that was just released on February 4th. Both are real worker stuff.

Just simply killer mentalism!

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