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Miracles of the Mind Act
by Robert A. Nelson

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Miracles of the Mind Act by Robert A. Nelson

A complete and hard-hitting sensational exhibition of mindreading, mental telepathy and ESP, designed especially for the Club Mentalist. Also suitable for TV and other occasions.

Nelson offered this 20-30 minute act for the equivalent of just under $70 when first released. While that is and was a considerable sum, it's nothing compared to the amount you can earn when you present this unforgettable psychic demonstration.

MASTER EFFECT No. 1. The mentalist borrows a pair of dollar bills from two different spectators. The bills are placed in separate envelopes and left in the possession of spectators. The performer then divines the serial numbers on each bill, while the sealed bills are held by the spectators.

MASTER EFFECT No. 2. The mentalist asks any spectator to think of their mother's maiden name, or the name of the first person they kissed, etc. Yet with no further ado, the performer discerns the correct thought.

MASTER EFFECT No. 3. Using two ordinary writing tablets (or cards), the mentalist has any spectator draw two geometric designs on their tablet, while the mentalist, across room with his back to the spectator duplicates the designs on a second tablet with a marker or heavy crayon, while the spectators watch. The designs match. No mirrors or impressions. Nothing written down previously.

MASTER EFFECT No. 4. The actual answering of spectators' written and folded questions. The spectators write their question on cards, then fold and place their initials on the outside. The mentalist takes the folded cards from a punch bowl or other visible container in plain sight, and answers each folded card, one after the other.

Yes, this reputation-building routine is the answer to any mentalist's prayers. Each and every step has been carefully conceived, tested and time-proven. No suspicious moves. Everything appears fair and aboveboard.

Your spectators are bound to remark and believe that it must be real mindreading, yet that's not the case. It's simply Nelson's brilliant concepts in club mentalism.

No apparatus or gimmicks; only ordinary props are utilized. No stooges or secret assistants. You can work this alone using only legitimate members of audience to participate. No lengthy practice or study necessary. Complete with lecture and patter.

Are you a Nelson collector? This was listed as Item Number 650 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog. Now you can fill that missing spot in your collection.

1st edition 1957, PDF 27 pages.
word count: 5615 which is equivalent to 22 standard pages of text