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Mirage by Paul A. Lelekis

(Two videos included which explain everything.)

MIRAGE - a brand new concept in card magic - and particularly in the realm of paradoxes - a magician-fooler!

Plus two other brilliant "workers" are included below. Here is what the spectators (and magicians) see...

Two paper-clipped, red-backed cards are laid on the table at the onset ... your magician buddies are watching closely. A card from a blue-backed deck is selected and signed by the spectator, then lost back into the deck. The two red-backed, paper-clipped cards are openly picked up and one card is taken into each hand. The hands are wide open, showing that there are no hold-outs or any other cards in your hands to switch in.

No palming out or ditching! This is what real magic is supposed to look like.

One of the cards is selected by the spectator (free choice) and it is a Joker. "Jokers are wild!" says the magician ... dumb joke ... but the other card is then opened (this card can even be opened by the spectator) ... and it is the spectator's signed card ... with a red back!

There is nothing to hide ... you are as clean as a whistle ... this paradox is very disturbing because the "solution" to this genre of magic, is a first. You will love this new idea.

Also included in this ebook:

1) PENCIL THROUGH RUBBER BAND - Video of this effect makes everything crystal clear ... here's what they see ... A rubber band is stretched between the fingers of both hands ... then a pencil openly and visibly passes right through the band.

There is no covering up, there is no moving the hands around to blur their image ... the pencil (or pen or magic wand) just melts, visibly, right through the rubber band. I have performed this for adults and children ... and they all do the same thing ... gawk! There seems to be no explanation. Seriously though, I have never seen children this baffled by any magic trick ... and I have performed for hundreds of thousands of kids ... they are absolutely stunned.

2) REVERSAL OF THOUGHT - This effect is really cool ... and has the 'flavor' of ESP. A selected card is lost into the deck. A spectator then chooses 4 cards from the deck. (Learn a secret by Michael Skinner in this trick that shows why Michael was not only the best magician in the world ... but the most "feared" by other magicians.)

The faces and backs of these four cards are shown to the spectator and she agrees that her selection is amongst them. Turn the packet face-down and show four backs. Twist the cards and one card turns face up ... the selection. (Note: This is not Vernon's Twisting the Aces.)

Twist the packet again and then four backs are displayed, proving that her selection has turned face down. Turn the cards face up ... and everything is normal. Simplicity itself ... but very, very effective.

1st edition 2020, PDF 17 pages + 2 videos

Reviewed by Christopher Weber
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 01 May, 2020

“Mirage” by Paul Lelekis is a collection of three awesome effects that will astonish your audience. Reversal of Thought is a twisting effect with some clever slights and some cool surprises and a shout out or two to Michael Skinner and Eddie Fechter. Pencil Thru Rubber Band is a very visual penetration that will astonish both young and old! Very clean looking and the accompanying video proves to be beneficial in learning the move. Mirage is a wonderful paradox problem effect that totally kills! You’ll love the surprise ending where you end clean as a whistle. It looks absolutely fantastic, you’ll fool yourself! Paul’s clear, easy-to-follow ebook of step-by-step directions, is packed with useful information and tips throughout. Paul combines friendly, concise text and videos that teach the slights and show the subtleties to help you make the best of your performance. As with all of Paul’s books, many difficult moves are streamlined and are actually better than ever and more effective. Great insight and tips on performing are utilized into all of these effects. You can’t go wrong with this collection of three exceptional effects!

Reviewed by Rick Carruth
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 27 April, 2020

Paul Lelekis' MIRAGE is a miracle in a spectator's hand. The effect itself seems totally impossible, yet with a bit of instructions and a clear video, you make the impossible happen. Two red cards, clipped together, are clearly shown. The spectator selects and signs a card from a blue backed deck. After removing one of the clipped red cards and showing it as a Joker.. the other red card is removed and shown to be the SPECTATOR'S signed card! I'm not going to give too much away.. but I'm going to encourage you to purchase MIRAGE, learn it, and fool the heck out of your magic buddies, not to mention your audience. There are two other effects included; a rubber band through pencil effect that is so simple it's criminal.. and another card effect that has the spectator selecting a card, using a wonderful forcing technique that allows the magi to perform a true head-scratcher. This, of over 57 other ebooks by Paul, is easily one of my very favorite. I recommend it to all my friends and Magic Roadshow readers.

Reviewed by Roy Eidem
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 25 April, 2020

Paul Lelekis is offering here a hidden workers dream. All three effects are practical worker users. However, the Mirage effect is a closer & has so many spin off applications. Their signed card is on the table before the effect starts & it’s back changes color. No wallets, no difficult crafting, easy pocket management. A paperclip in your pocket becomes a magical stunner. Videos included.