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by Paul A. Lelekis


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Fillers by Paul A. Lelekis

These very important effects are the "filling" for a successful show. Combine Paul's e-books, Openers and Closers I, II, and III to complete your knowledge of creating a truly audience-pleasing show. This is very important!

In my Openers and Closers series of e-books, I explored the powerful "openers" needed to set the stage, and the "closers" needed to close the show and thrill them. But ... in between, the magic is still very, very important.

SENSE OF SMELL - A shuffled deck is magically divided into piles, one all red and the other all black ... but the red selection is found in the middle of the black pile, and the black selection is found amongst the red pile. Because of the audience participation, this is extremely baffling.

ELEVATOR - A really fun effect with terrific patter and some very clever news ideas to make the Ace thru 4 of Diamonds (who are hang-gliders) continue to frustrate Hotel Security by their daring escapes ... only to end in a hilarious way. This effect is such a fun-filled event, our spectators will be belly-laughing.

2-WAY MIRACLE - Here is really great effect that is a definite "Magician-Fooler"! The spectator chooses a selection and the selection is lost into the deck - then three unknown cards are chosen with a truly free selection by the spectator. Those three cards selected are laid out on the table. The spectator then shuffles the hold-outs, no palming cards, no nothing. The deck is dealt out, one card at a time until the spectators says "Stop!" - no bottom deals, no second deals, no hold-outs. That card is dealt out and proves to be the spectator's selection. But...when the other three cards are shown...they all match the selection!

1st edition 2020, PDF 17 pages.

Reviewed by Enrico Varella
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 27 April, 2020

Paul Lelekis is a prolific writer of real-world performance magic. If we compile his more than 50 e-books, he may have just as much material as Phil Goldstein. This new book 'fills the gap' between his previous books 'Openers & Closers 1,2 & 3'. These three 'fillers' effects are the muscles that attach to the skeleton (structure) of openers and closers. They function to move the audience to varied and wild places of imagination. I applied SENSE OF SMELL firstly, as it is a clever and simple retake of 'Out of This World'. ELEVATOR gives you room to glide rapidly around, with your own strength of patter, and flexibility to move four cards about. 2-WAY MIRACLE is a smart way of allowing the spectator to 'touch their toes' by selecting a four-of-a-kind; you ACAAN do it, I assure you. Have fun with Paul's creations, and lift your performance with these close-up card magic 'heavyweights'.

Reviewed by Roy Eidem
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 20 April, 2020

Paul is a true pro, full time, real world worker. What he shares here with both text & companion tutorial videos are his tested, entertaining card routines, & the psychology of how & why to present them for maximum spectator involvement & enjoyment. Great price for tested, worker card magic.

Reviewed by Christopher Weber
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 19 April, 2020

"Fillers", a new ebook by Paul Lelekis. Three solid effects to be used in conjunction with a great opener and closer. As with all of Paul's ebooks, the Introduction alone is worth the price of the book. Here you get Paul's excellent insight and thought-provoking perspective on many things including advice on audience involvement and control. All good solid truthful real-world recommendations that can be used in multiple performance situations. The great thing about this book is that it doesn’t just teach you moves, but how to actually use these moves in tricks. So, you’ll receive training on the different shuffles, cuts, controls, and a very cool no-lap card switch, plus how to use them which can be applied to many different tricks. You also get instructional videos and links to other instructional videos with this ebook which is another plus. One of the big problems people have with magic trick books is that sometimes the text instructions just don’t cut it. It can be really hard to visualize what is meant to be going on, but that is solved with the addition of the videos and links with this book. Plenty of fun patter suggestions throughout these three effects. "2-Way Miracle" alone could end up opening up lots of fun audience interplay and laughs. You can't go wrong with this ebook, good solid teaching and three entertaining effects that you will use!