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Modern Illusions by Ulysses Frederick Grant

Although published anonymously, this was very likely written by U. F. Grant. 19 easy to build illusions.

  1. Atomic Sight
  2. The Bunny Girl Illusion
  3. Chen Lee’s Laundry Bag Illusion
  4. Flat Model Head Vanish
  5. The Gate - Way Illusion
  6. Ghost & Witch
  7. Resista
  8. The Miracle Dove Act
  9. Modern Sawing Thru A Girl
  10. Nu-Way Doll House
  11. Nu-Tronic Spirit Cabinet
  12. Shooting Thru A Girl
  13. Spot-Lite Girl Vanish
  14. Superior Dove Vanish
  15. The Girl In The Balloon Illusion
  16. Torture Of A Princess
  17. The Victory Girl Production
  18. Witch's Broom & Rope Illusion
  19. The Zig Zag

word count: 11128 which is equivalent to 44 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Don Jarrard (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 13 August, 2022

Great value for 2 illusions I thought were ingenious. The Gateway and Spot light girl vanish. Neither requires special stage set up. Spot light is a lady who instantly vanishes from a bag. Gateway is basically the hide behind the door taught by Mark Wilson. But you can see through the picket fence. No objects to hide behind. With the new plastic flower bed borders this could be built for about $50 if the gate was cardboard & wood yardsticks.