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by Mago Marko


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Showstuff by Mago Marko

There are many books published for the card magician, the close-up magician, the mentalist, the illusionist, and even the kid show performer but there are very few books for the general practitioner of club and stage magic.

Showstuff caters to that neglected segment of the magic community. In this ebook, you'll find more than 50 tricks and routines, all of them professionally tested.

  • Original showy tricks for your club and stage shows.
  • Comedy routines that will get you laughs.
  • New uses for common magic props you own.
  • Strong closing items that will add professional luster to your show or act.
Among the feature items you'll learn by reading Showstuff are a workhorse rope routine tested hundreds of times, a complete escape act, Marko's professional routine for Seeing With the Fingertips a.k.a The Blindfold Act which is worth thousands of dollars for the working pro or semi-pro.
  • Magical Separation
  • A Card in a Balloon
  • The Milky Way
  • Making a Foo Can
  • A Magical Lesson
    • An Opening with a Drawer Box
    • Adventures of a Cigarette
    • The Travelling Dollar
  • Thinking Small
  • The Ghost Hand
  • Why We Learn to Force?
    • Zens' Cards and Envelopes
    • Cagliostro's Spectacles
    • Prediction and Location
    • Calling Dr. Elliott
  • Houdini
  • Himber 10-11
  • Mentalism + Magic
  • A Pseudo-Psychological Routine
  • The Mental Liquid
  • The Naughty Flower
  • The Cut and Restored Handkerchiefs
  • The Cuban Nest of Boxes
  • A Colorful Routine
  • The Mystic Papers
  • The Sun and Moon Trick
  • Sacrilegious
  • Fantasia
  • The Simple Things
  • Satan's Shears
  • The Double Can
  • The Printed Card
  • The Sum of Mystery
  • Fogel + Annemann
  • Really Invisible
  • The Horse Race
  • Say "Now"
  • Jumbo Coincidence
  • Auto Prediction
  • Take it Out!
  • Cheek to Cheek for TV
  • A Workhorse Rope Routine
  • An Escape Act
1st edition 2021, PDF 227 pages.
word count: 53396 which is equivalent to 213 standard pages of text