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Nelson Enterprises Manuscript Collection 5
by Robert A. Nelson


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Nelson Enterprises Manuscript Collection 5 by Robert A. Nelson

It's hard to believe, but we've unearthed six more psychic entertainment treasures from the Nelson Enterprises vault. Volume 5 contains five hard-to-find Nelson Enterprises manuscripts and presentations for mentalists and magicians, plus a bonus manuscript by William W. Larsen, Sr.

Mentalists, psychic entertainers, magicians, collectors and magic historians will be pleased to discover the following manuscripts, books and effects from the Nelson Enterprises catalog, now updated and edited for a new generation of performers:

Thought Pictures - The performer goes into the audience and solicits simple figures and sketches from the audience. Without the performer saying a word, the on-stage medium (who may be blindfolded) reproduces the spectator's drawing. Several drawings can be "psychically" duplicated in this manner. This effect alone sold for the equivalent of nearly $300 in today's money. (NE Cat. #56)

Clockwise - Syl Reilly's mental-flavored card effect using a borrowed and shuffled pack. Sold for the equivalent of $8 when first released. (NE #119)

Impromptu Mental Magic with Cards - Described when first released as a brand-new principle in magic, ideal for the "one man" psychic performer. Originally offered, with an unprepared deck of cards, for the equivalent of $29. (NE Cat. #81)

Master Mental Divination - Dr. Grote's masterful presentation where a spectator merely thinks of a card. The performer does the same and removes two cards, placed in two side-by-side wine glasses. After a bit of byplay, the glasses are turned around and there are the two thought-of cards. Spectator does not need to touch the deck, nor does she ever write it down. Sold for the equivalent of $74 when first released.

Hypnotism and the Sense of Taste - The performer apparently hypnotizes a volunteer, who is told that he is tasting something sweet (even though his mouth is empty). The subject actually believes that this is happening. The performer then tells the subject that the taste is beginning to turn sour, and the spectator agrees. No stooges or plants. Sold for the equivalent of $56 when first released. (NE Cat. #254)

BONUS: The Resort Hotel Psychic Business (Wm. W. Larsen) - This manuscript contains the full details for booking your psychic act into the finest, five-star resort hotels. Not only get paid for your work, but bring your family along, if you wish, and have the resort pay the tab. Covers everything from finding the best locations, methods of contact, what to say and do to get the booking, what types of performances to offer, ways of earning extra income during and after the engagement, and more. Originally sold for the equivalent of $74 and is worth much more than that to the working professional. (NE #441)

The total value of this information in today's dollars, if you were still able to obtain them, would be nearly $538. Now, published in an updated and corrected volume, you get all of them together for about the price of a fast-food lunch.

Like the other volumes in the series, each chapter includes an original catalog description and corrected manuscript text for the particular title or effect. Also contains performance notes from B. W. McCarron (author of The Nelson Enterprises Master Catalog Index).

Fill those holes in your Nelson Enterprises collection by adding this volume to your library.

"The Resort Hotel Psychic Business shows a great insight into this business. I was as impressed with it as I was by his 'Radio and Nite Club Mindreading' booklet." - Pat Quinn

"Master Mental Divination is a sensational effect approaching genuine telepathy, refreshingly original comedy and real magic." - H. M. Miller

Originally published 1924, 1927, 1931 and 1944. PDF 75 pages.
word count: 19635 which is equivalent to 78 standard pages of text