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Nelson Enterprises Manuscript Collection 3
by Robert A. Nelson

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Nelson Enterprises Manuscript Collection 3 by Robert A. Nelson

The largest collection, yet, in the Nelson Manuscript series. Here are five more, hard-to-find Nelson Enterprises manuscripts for mentalists and magicians, plus a free bonus book.

Mentalists, psychic entertainers, magicians, collectors and magic historians will be pleased to discover the following manuscripts and books from the Nelson Enterprises catalog, now updated and edited for a new generation of performers:

Resistance Secrets - A series of four unbelievable demonstrations where the performer - either man or woman - is able to defy the strength of a powerful, burly spectator. (NE Cat. #58)

The Spirit Whistle - A whistle, tied by a string to a pencil or wand, whistles to answer "Yes" or "No" to questions, reveal a selected playing card, etc. A spirit sensation. (NE #169)

Combination A (Tricks of Mystery) - A manuscript of eight effects for stage, sideshow or grandstand. Includes A Great Handcuff Trick, Escape from a Safe or Vault, Crack Marksmanship Act, Excelsior Rope Tie, Trunk Escape, Escape from 75 Feet of Rope, plus 2 more. (NE #COMBINATION A)

Impromptu Spirit Levitation - A remarkable demonstration of spirit power that can be performed during a daylight seance or on the stage. A variety of items adhere to the performer's outstretched palm, without the use of adhesives, chemicals, magnets, velcro, or electronics. Hands may be examined before and after. (NE #493)

Trance Vision - A spirit seance stunt used by actual "office" mediums. Spectator writes name and question on an unprepared card, sealed in an unprepared envelope. Lights are extinguished and medium calls spectator by name, reveals question, then answers same. No chemicals. This is Nelson's deluxe version that describes not one, but two methods for accomplishing this apparent miracle. (NE Cat. #125)

BONUS: Radio and Nightclub Mindreading by Wm. Larsen and Ormond McGill - A brilliant manuscript, originally published by Thayer, that Nelson offered in his catalogs. Nearly a hundred pages of professional advice and audience-tested information on how to perform mentalism for radio (or television) audiences. Also covers performing for nightclub or casino audiences. These secrets are easily worth a hundred dollars to any performer. (NE #431)

The total value of the manuscripts in today's dollars, if you were still able to obtain them, would be nearly $188. Now, published in an updated and corrected volume, you get all of them together for about the price of a fast-food lunch.

Like Volume 1 and Volume 2 in the series, each chapter includes the original catalog description, corrected manuscript text, and additional construction and performance notes from B. W. McCarron. Fill those holes in your Nelson Enterprises collection by adding this volume to your library.

Originally published 1927, 1939, and 1953. PDF 152 pages.
word count: 37485 which is equivalent to 149 standard pages of text