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by Mat L’Anoire


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Nevermind by Mat L’Anoire

"When I first read 'Scribble' I had a huge smile on my face for the entire time I was reading it. I've just spent the past half an hour trying it out and an even bigger smile appeared! So cleverly constructed, it's a creation of genius!" - Iain Moran

Mat's 'Invisible Deck with a regular deck' opener. A cased deck of cards is placed on the table. A spectator names any card - a completely free choice. The deck is removed from the case and the named card is shown to have been impossibly predicted ahead of time.

Mat's 'take everywhere' coin effect. Four different coins are laid on the table along with a small envelope; one of the coins has a duplicate inside. You mentally influence the spectator to correctly divine which coin is in the envelope...without equivoque!

Mat's take on the legendary 'ACAAN' effect! The spectator names a number between 1 & 52. A deck is then ribbon spread across the table and the spectator is asked to think of ANY card. The card is removed by the spectator, sight unseen, and the spectator shuffles it back into the pack themselves. The spectator then deals to his freely chosen number and finds his freely thought of card!

"CAANABLE is an ACAAN effect and probably my favorite of the group. It uses a gaffed deck but is easily constructed and very easy to perform...My next favorite is 'Scribble'. Watch the demo! Excellent thinking and concise handling. Very deceptive...I consider this excellent value for the small asking price! Get it!" - Doug Canning

Mat's ludicrously devious 'thought of card' routine. Any card is thought of and written down on a spare advertising card. That card is then left protruding from the deck, on the table in full view the entire time. You then claim you will divine the thought of card by examining the spectator's body language. This having been done, you remove one card from the deck - it is the spectators thought of card!

"Nevermind is a refreshing treat. 'Scribble' is wild!" - Ben Harris

"I agree with Benny Harris, 'Scribble' IS excellent!" - Mark Elsdon

Mat's incredible serial number divination! You turn your back while a spectator removes their own bank note, folds it up with the serial number inside and secures it with a paper clip. This is then dropped inside an impromptu 'isolation chamber' and held by the spectator. You then proceed to divine the serial number. The spectator themselves removes the bill, unfolds it and verifies the complete accuracy of your divination.

"Some very clever ideas and methods. I especially liked the 'Isolation' gimmick which can be used for other types of switches such as billets and folded cards. It opens up a lot of possibilities." - Greg Arce

1st edition 2010; 25 pages.
word count: 9682 which is equivalent to 38 standard pages of text

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