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Orgasm of Astonishment
by Ferry Gerats

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Orgasm of Astonishment by Ferry Gerats

A very funny version of the collector's plot. 4 Labracadabrador cards find 3 chosen cards instantly.

A version of Roy Walton's collector's plot, which has been in my repertoire for 25 years now and has made a lot of audiences happy. As the hilarious text makes everyone laugh out loud, the thought crossed my mind to call it: "The Funniest Collectors in the World". However because of the awe-inspiring moment that is felt by everyone at the climax when the three chosen cards appear between the collector cards it is more appropriate to call it: Orgasm of Astonishment

So what is Orgasm of Astonishment? Sh-h-h--! You'll get to know how the labracadabrador doggies take over the action in the collector's plot. To avoid false expectations, apart from the phrase "Orgasm of astonishment" the presentation has no other sexual innuendo.

In this version of the collectors the deck needs no set-up.


"I've had the pleasure to see Ferry Gerats perform Orgasm of Astonishment and it is a superb real world approach to Roy Walton's classic collectors plot. Four dogs - labracadabradors - fetch three cards. The routine is a real world, commercial routine and it will delight audiences - even kids!! Ferry is a full time corporate magician and as such he needs strong, commercial, and entertaining magic that can stand up under any conditions. This routine does that and it does it VERY well. I strongly urge magicians to purchase this routine; it requires intermediate skill with cards and Ferry's fun writing style make the journey worth it. Best of all? You get labracadabrador AND extra dog jokes!!" - Vlad from the Magic Cafe

"For the working magician, a trick needs 3 things: 1. IMPACT. And this version of the collectors plot certainly does have that. Very visual magic. 2. PREMISE. A trick is only as good as it's presentation, and Ferry Gerat's presentation is clean, cute, and understandable by all ages. And the premise can so easily be adapted to match your own personality. 3. USABILITY. If a trick takes forever to reset, or has outrageous sleight of hand demands, you probably won't do it. This version resets instantly, and requires no hugely complicated sleights or processes. For the working magician - this is a keeper!" - Larry Brodahl

1st edition 2016, 8 pages.
word count: 2759 which is equivalent to 11 standard pages of text