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Peter Duffie with Cards

by Peter Duffie

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Peter Duffie with Cards by Peter Duffie

Fifteen card tricks from the inventive Scotsman.

1st edition, 2000.

Collecstasy: Three Kings magically collect two where have I seen that plot before?

Marraid: You cut the deck four times - each time a face up King appears. You now find a random card for each King by using their suits. When these cards are turned over they prove to be the four Queens - each paired perfectly with the correct King.

Cupidea: You remove the Jack, Queen and King of Hearts and lay them in a row on the table. You place two cards on the King and Queen. A spectator selects two for the Jack. The King and Queen instantly leave their respective piles and join the Jack.

Reverst: At your command, Two selected cards magically turn face up in a face down deck.

Brag-Artist: You remove four random cards from the deck and ask someone to think of one, after which the cards are mixed back into the deck. You now deal four Brag hands - four three-card hands. The spectator names his card - this might be the Four of Hearts - you turn over the top card of each hand, revealing that three of them are Aces, Clubs, Spades and Diamonds. When the remaining card is turned over, it proves to be the selection.

Acetrait: A spectator cuts the deck after which the four Aces make an unexpected appearance.

Ediblector: Two cards vanish when placed between the Kings. The missing cards instantly appear reversed in the deck. This effect is based on Elmsley’s ‘Repulsive Aces’ and Searles ‘Cannibal Cards.’

Dubill: An independent spectator helps two other spectators find their previously selected cards.

Odditorial: Two cards are selected from a packet, then returned. A spectator deals the packet into 2 piles. He somehow separates the colours, but there is one odd card in each pile - these are the two selections. This effect originally appeared in The Griffin.

Twixy: You perform a routine with the four Aces. In the end, one of the Aces changes into a previously selected card.

Flushock: With the aid of a spectator, you find four random cards. The spectator now picks one more card, which might be the Ten of Spades. He Waves this card over the four random cards which turn into the Ace, King, Queen and Jack of Spades, to complete a Royal Flush!

Separatic: A colour separation routine. Use the usual ‘Oil and Water’ patter.......... if you must.

Stabbath: Two cards are chosen and returned, then a spectator takes the Ace of Spades and tries to stab it into the deck next to his selected card. He fails. However, when he next looks at the Ace he is holding it has transformed into his chosen card. The other spectator’s card is found reversed in the middle.

Sivakey: This simple effective card location uses the Jack Avis Centre Double Lift as a means to obtaining a secret key card.

Ethos: The following uses a full deck stack, however it is of the simplest variety. The effect is very puzzling and slightly bizarre.
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