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Quicker Than The Eye!
by Scott F. Guinn

#2 Balls, Eggs, Dice & Cups author
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Quicker Than The Eye! by Scott F. Guinn

The 1st installment of the "Sit-Down Card Magic" Series, Quicker than the Eye! is Scott's award-winning card to purse routine, with his full, professional script!

"The hand is quicker than the eye." This old axiom is still widely believed to be true, and most people associate it with magicians. In Quicker than the Eye!, you offer to prove this expression is true in a contest with the participant. You put up money (in the form of a silver dollar in a coin purse) that the participant gets if you lose, but you keep if you win. You fail to provide the proof, so the participant gets the dollar. But when she opens the purse to get her winnings, instead of a dollar there is a folded playing card--HER SIGNED card! PROVING that the hand is, indeed, "Quicker than the Eye!"

This routine helped garner Scott a first place prize in the close up competition at a magic convention in 1996. It is strong, engaging, funny, and magical, and Scott gives you every detail, including the motivation behind the structure, some alternate handlings, and his complete, entertaining script!

Like all of Scott's ebooks, this one is clearly written with lots of accompanying photos.

"How easy is this? If you have fingers, even Popeye-like fingers such as mine, you can do it. I just did. What's a he-man kinda guy like me doing with a little girl's coin purse? That's not important now. What's important is that Scott has another winner - literally. It won Scott a firstest place in a close-up competition a few years back. But as Scott says, he doesn't perform for magicians, and this is one of his money-makers in his daily business. It's incredibly inexpensive and you'll get years and years of use out of this. Scott produces material for workers, not armchair non-performers. And he produces a lot of it. He makes my job hard, keeping up with his instant classics." - Chet Cox

"Nice thinking on this one. Looks very natural and it's fairly easy to do. A real winner." - Alec Negri (Slyhand)

"I really like the motivation for this. The plot and presentation really make sense. Having seen Scott perform seated routines, he has killer material and chops that will really add some 'oomph' to your sit-down performances." - Darrin Cook

"I have to agree with the above praise. I, who command meager skills at best, can make this look good. Scott has done an excellent job simplifying the "work" and lets me concentrate on making my magic entertaining. I need all the help I can get being entertaining so once again Scott has come to my rescue. Anyone can create a trick but very few can take an trick that is already great and make it better by simplifying it. Scott is a master at this and for this reason you should not overlook any of his material only because it may appear to be something that you have seen before." - Brett Bauscher

1st edition 2010; 16 pages.
word count: 2930 which is equivalent to 11 standard pages of text