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Great Scott's Matrix Routines

by Scott F. Guinn

(3 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Great Scott's Matrix Routines by Scott F. Guinn

Do you like the Matrix effect? Here are four versions of this classic effect of coin magic, each with "the Guinn touch", plus an entire comedy script, straight out of Scott's professional performing repertoire, meaning you're really getting FIVE routines! This fun, funny, and exciting story will grab your audience's attention and lock it in place right up to the big finish!

This ebook has recently been drastically expanded to include extra nuances and finesses. In addition, all the required moves and sleights are explained, in the lauded clear style Scott has become famous for. The table of contents and sleight index are now hyperlinked, as are the mentions of the sleights within the routines. This makes the learning experience much easier.

Each of these routines has its own unique qualities to offer. Coins assemble, disassemble, change colors, and more!

Level: Easy - Intermediate

What I like about this is that Scott is so complete in his explanations. His use of photos is spot-on. He is one of the only guys nowadays that I would say doesn't need video to show you how to do this stuff. He is a clever writer and clearly lays out several methods of Matrix. He's got his ebook laid out like a surgical procedure: every move precise, every motivation precision. Put it all together and you've got top flight magic. He teaches you everything you need to know about the effect(s) from moves/sleights to making your own coin clip. The guy is like a swiss army knife. Whatever you're thinking of asking, he's thought of already and explains it.

His stuff is not hard and actually he does all the heavy lifting, making it easy for you to understand and perform. He's thought of everything here. So you want to do Matrix, come learn basics with this one and immediately step out in the deeper waters with Scott's clever creations on the genre. Now you know I'm a Quickie-Tricky sorta guy, and Scott's "World's Fastest Coin Trick" is just a killer...I love it! He mixes everything in with surprises like this all along the way in all 4 of these routines, plus there's so much more, like "Scooter." You'll have to get the e-book to fully appreciate the name. It's like going through the Fun House and never coming out. More great stuff from Great Scott. Highly recommended. - Marion Boykin, aka "Smooth"

I haven't been doing Matrix because I don't do card tricks -- now Scott shows me how to not do a card trick using cards and do a Matrix instead, except that I do a card trick when I don't mean too. So, I guess I have to do Martix now, except that this is different, being Scott's and all... If you like Matrix effects you will love this. If you don't like Matrix you will love this. Even this endorsement is a Reverse aMtrxi! - Ken "Funsway" Muller

With this PDF you get four routines. As always, Scott discusses in great detail and with clear photographs, the sleights required to perform the routines. If you like Matrix Routines, check this one out. Another nice job, Scott! - Hank Morfin

I'm really impressed with how these routines integrate coins and cards. Usually, in a matrix routine the cards are incidental, but Scott uses the cards to deliver an extra punch. The delayed focus on the identities of the cards not only comes as a whammy, but conceals the method through time misdirection. The production of coins from a card is also motivated, and another good example of integrating card and coin effects. - Darrin Cook

I recently purchased GREAT SCOTT’S MATRIX ROUTINES, and have to honestly say that the material in it is excellent! I am very impressed with how Scott describes every detail in step-by-step easy explanations. He doesn't steer you to other books to learn the sleights needed, either--he teaches everything! These are workable routines. My next purchase will have to be SILVERDUSTED! - Dan Bernier

1st edition 2009; 40 pages; 70 photos
word count: 8501 which is equivalent to 34 standard pages of text

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