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Teleshock 2.0
by Nefesch


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Teleshock 2.0 by Nefesch
"This has so many applications that are endless and priceless and simple. I love his thinking as I am a big fan of his work. Keep them coming." - Neal Scryer

"Now I know why your family got scared by you." - Paolo Cavalli

Let's say you are visiting the home of friends or relatives. You tell them that you would like to demonstrate a powerful telekinesis skill that you have been developing.

You begin by asking the home owner to turn on their television, and tune to any random channel. You then suggest that what they thought was a "random decision" (what channel to tune to) may not have been quite as random as they thought. As an example, let's say that they tuned their TV to channel 31, which is "Animal Planet." You then request that the same person, or someone else in the room, simply think of a different channel, and that their selected channel should be quite deliberate, not random. You explain that they should simply think of a channel and not reveal it to you or anyone else in the room. Once they have made up their mind and indicated to you that they are thinking of a specific channel, the television (which is still on channel 31 "Animal Planet,") is turned off.

Not only is the television turned off, but you ask that it is actually unplugged from the wall (provided that the owner of the television doesn't mind). You explain that this step is important to ensure that the demonstration is absolutely fair and meets laboratory test conditions. If they agree, once the TV is unplugged, you begin your reading , in an effort to determine the television channel that the person is simply thinking of!

The following conditions are important:

  • Your hands remain in full view the entire time (as you do not require any 'device' to perform the effect)
  • Your spectator is holding the TV Remote, which is the only remote used in this effect (there is no duplicate remote)
  • As described, the TV is not only turned OFF but unplugged, and it was one of your spectators who unplugged it! Remember that the TV was tuned to a specific channel before being turned off and unplugged.
With your hands in full view, you request that the television be plugged back in, as you begin to describe that you are watching a specific 'scene' in your mind - a scene, which you believe, has something to do with the channel that your spectator has merely been thinking of! You ask, for the first time, what channel your spectator has been thinking of, and proceed to explain how your new skill also enables you to change channels using only the power of your mind. As you concentrate on the TV, explaining that you are focusing your mental energy on the set, you request that it be turned on for the first time since being unplugged. When the television powers up, it is, remarkably, tuned to the exact channel that the spectator had been thinking of, and, the scene displayed, is exactly as you had described!


  • Teleshock requires no set fact it requires nothing, as Telekinesis is totally impromptu.
  • Teleshock does not use a duplicate remote control.
  • Teleshock is totally self-working.
  • Includes a 1 hour teaching video (download from your digital shelf)
The method consists of three parts, two of which are well established and generally known mentalism methods. The new part is how to switch the channel of a TV unknown to the spectators. Nefesch offers 4 methods to cover all known cases and models.
"A very nice and quick impromptu effect, ‚Äča nice thing to have in your mind when they ask you to do something." - Luca Volpe

"Done at the right time, with a bit of showmanship, it WILL kill. Nefesch's subtleties cover every angle and make it impossible to backtrack. I personally use it, with a preference for the TV version." - Phedon Bilek (creator of Proteus)

1st edition 2010; updated 2017, PDF 35 pages + video (length 1 hour; download from your digital shelf).
word count: 7929 which is equivalent to 31 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Pablo Amira
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 21 June, 2010

This is powerful. With your mind you change the unplugged TV to a thought channel! OUT of BOX thinking at the best. Just enjoy this document and experience for yourself this miracle.

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