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Roy Benson

(USA: 1914 - New York: December 1977)

Stage name of Edward F.E. McQuade. Classical composer. Pro comedy magician specialized in sleight-of-hand. Invented the Long Pour in the late 1930s. Played the New York Palace in 1950 and 1953 and Ed Sullivan's TV show in 1954. Assistant-wife since 1949 was "Conye", Leon Mandrake's ex-wife Lola ("Narda"). Did new act as "Roye & Connye" in 1960. 1977 AMA Performing Fellow-ship. Tricks in Genii. Died of emphysema.

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Our Mysteries by Al Baker & Roy Benson & Al Flosso & Robert Harbin & Leo (Mohammed Bey) Horowitz & "Think-a-Drink" Hoffman & Eugene Laurant & Magini & Miaco & Russell SwannA wonderful selection of tricks illustrated by Harlan Tarbell with an introduction by John Mulholland. For each author a short biographical sketch is included at the end of the book.

THE FINGER KNOWS—AND TELLS (Al Baker) A truly amazing example of mind reading.

THE GLASS TRICK (Roy Benson) An instantaneous, and seemingly impossible, disappearance of a handkerchief.

SEVEN COINS (Al Flosso) A clever sleight to cause several coins to go from one hand to the other.

THE PIERCED CARDS (Robert Harbin) An excellent manipulative method by which selected cards are caused to appear on a ribbon.

DUO-FLIGHT (Leo Hartz;...

2017 / 10 / 11

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