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Rupert Howard Magic Course
by Rupert Howard


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Rupert Howard Magic Course by Rupert Howard

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This is a pristine copy of the rare Rupert Howard Magic Course. It is an almost complete set of 23 lessons of the 25 lesson course. The two lessons missing are lesson 17 and 18. Each lesson is an oversized booklet with a color cover and glossy inside pages.

This course is rare and a perfect addition to any serious collector of magic books. Additionally you will receive a disc with the complete digital version of this set.

Most likely you have never heard about this magic course. When I think about a 'magic gem' I have these 25 volumes in mind. This course could be called the 'British Tarbell Course' and in many respects it is much better than the Tarbell Course. It came out around the same time Tarbell issued his course and it had the same intent, to take a novice, introduce him to magic in a serious and thorough manner and give him all the information to develop him into a performer who can earn a living from performing magic. Rupert Howard's course does not cover as much ground as the Tarbell on trick technique, but quantity is not necessarily equal to quality.

Rupert Howard whose real name was Stuart Raw thought this course through extremely well. Let's start with the production values. The 25 volumes are large format volumes measuring almost 9.5" x 12" (larger than letter size). The covers are color covers and the inside paper is high quality glossy paper. Howard uses both photos and illustrations wherever most appropriate. There is lots of space on the side and sometimes on the bottom of pages for student notes. The structure of his instructions is very methodical and pedagogical. For example he doesn't simply start to explain tricks but rather with

  • Professional Attitude
  • Scientific Principles
  • How to Study
  • Your Success in Magic
Howard also adds a bit of magic history spread out through the first lessons - not too much to overwhelm the beginner but enough to keep you interested and teach you some of the most important historical facts.

It covers all major forms of magic from cards, coins, ropes, silks, balls, paper, cigarettes, thimbles, mentalism, illusions, escapes, and all the essential parts of the business from marketing to the appropriate dress and attitude.

The 25 lessons are:

  1. Easy Magic
  2. Presentation and Paper Magic
  3. Showmanship & Impromptu Magic
  4. String and Rope Tricks
  5. Sleight-of-Hand with Cards
  6. More Tricks with Cards
  7. Advanced Card Magic
  8. Sleight-of-Hand with Coins
  9. Handkerchief Magic
  10. Cigarette Magic
  11. Billiard Ball Manipulation
  12. Thimble Magic and Watch Tricks
  13. Egg Tricks
  14. Productions and Opening Effects
  15. Liquid and Chemical Magic, Tricks with Live Stock
  16. Comedy Magic
  17. Mental Phenomena
  18. Spiritualistic Tricks
  19. Miscellaneous Magic
  20. Oriental Magic
  21. Stage Illusions
  22. Publicity Feats and Escape Tricks
  23. Sensational Illusions
  24. The Business Side of Magic
  25. More Miscellaneous Magic

1st edition 1931; 556 pages.

Reviewed by Arthur Tuffee
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 14 July, 2011

I have used these books for many years. They were purchased by my father in the 30's. They are excellent training material on most aspects of conjuring.