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Same Show Over and Over
by Brian T. Lees

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Same Show Over and Over by Brian T. Lees

Magicians do the same basic show over and over. This text will help you prepare for a second, third or fourth show that same day. It covers the need to decompress from the first performance, relax, and reset. Then it identifies ways to pump yourself back up.

Every time you step on stage the audience should feel they are experiencing a premier performance. They don't care if we have done the same magic 100 times already. They want to see a fresh, energetic show each and every time.

This text will cover some of the things professionals do between shows. They follow steps that help them turn the page on the 1:00 show and position them to look forward to the 3:00 performance. Learn secrets that will help you perform your best show each and every time you step on stage.

  • Real world
  • Your Audience
  • Pre-Show
  • Live/Dead Audience
  • Recharge
  • Wrapping it Up

1st edition 2016, 20 pages
word count: 7163 which is equivalent to 28 standard pages of text