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Masterful Mysteries: Professional Magic Feats
by Mago Marko


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Masterful Mysteries: Professional Magic Feats by Mago Marko

Within these pages, you will find seventeen performance-tested routines picked from my professional repertoire. Some of these I perform in almost every show, others are special items I have performed on television and special shows.

I have been a professional magician for 56 years, having performed in many Spanish-speaking countries like Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, Mexico, and Spain. In Spain, I remained for sixteen years and performed hundreds of shows, including national television. I have also been on cruise ships in the Mediterranean several times.

Besides my professional work as a magician, around 1999 I started "The Learned Pig Project", an online library of magic books, magazines and documents that ran for eleven years and had members from all over the world. I have also been very active as an author and publisher of magic books and magazines in the Spanish language.

This new ebook contains the following excellent routines:

DIRECT PREDICTION: You write a prediction. A spectator freely chooses a card and that's the one you predicted.

VARIANT AL BAKA: You write your prediction on the back of a card. Spectator thinks of one card in the deck and your prediction is 100% correct. Very direct and powerful.

THE TIME TUNNEL: A cardboard tube is used for time travel to the past and to the future. As a climax, you look through the tube toward the immediate future and make a 100% accurate prediction.

THE ANTIGRAVITY GLASSES: Very clean and amazing suspension of two drinking glasses.

MAKING SENSE OF MENTAL EPIC: Learn how to modify a Mental Epic slate in order to streamline the presentation. A very good routine is included that only lasts about four minutes but delivers the impact of this triple prediction.

RING ON STICK: A great handling of this workhorse. You can perform it close-up or stand-up.

TWO MYSTERIOUS ORANGES: One orange reveals the identity of a chosen card and then the card appears inside the second orange. Includes full patter.

LEIPZIG'S MAGNETIZED KNIFE - PLUS: A little-known magical gem! A knife sticks to your fingertips... but it's not the usual method but something much much better.

FOGEL + ANNEMANN: A spectator freely chooses a drink... but you already predicted it!

KELLAR'S CUT AND RESTORED CORD: This is another forgotten gem of magic. Very cleanly you cut a cord in two, show both pieces separately and then restore the cord right under their noses. A modern way of doing this very strong trick.

THE WONDERFUL CRACKED EGG TRICK: A great trick for your shows. You wrap an examined egg in a handkerchief. Anybody crushes the egg through the material but, at the end, the egg is restored and you crack it in a glass to show it's real. This is very strong.

THE PHANTOM HAND: A ghostly influence erases the names of four cards, leaving only the name of the chosen card. Very strong and ghostly.

HIMBER 10-11: This one is a great opener for table hopping, plus, at the end it resets automatically. A card is chosen very cleanly from a small blue-backed packet and it's the exact duplicate of a red-backed card you have in your wallet.

STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN: A professional comedy routine. It's not strictly magic but almost... You'll get a big laugh from the audience!

SILK VANISH AKOPYAN'S WAY: A silk vanish that makes the audience gasp. It's very clean and powerful.

A DIFFERENT 20th CENTURY: My version of the seldom-seen Douglas 20th Century Silks trick. It incorporates the Akopyan vanish and leaves the audience completely clueless.

FROM CHAOS TO CLARITY: You tear several pieces of cardboard bearing letters and they spell the name of a chosen card. Then you turn them over and they spell the name of a second chosen card.

1st edition 2023, PDF 54 pages.
word count: 21766 which is equivalent to 87 standard pages of text

Reviewed by ROBERT FULLMER (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 04 September, 2023

Masterful Mysteries is an excellent book from a working Pro. It has been said, that if you find one good idea you can use in a book, then it is well worth the cost. I found no less than 6 things I can and will use from this book. Well put together. Good explanations. And, as I said, plenty of great material!!