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SIMON 2.0 Commercial

by Chris Wasshuber
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SIMON 2.0 Commercial by Chris Wasshuber

SIMON is a sophisticated multipurpose simulator for single-electron devices and circuits. It features a graphical circuit editor embedded in a graphical user interface as well as the simulation of co-tunnel events and a single step interactive analysis mode. It supports energy dependent density of states and is able to calculate stability plots. (For more information on the software please see the SIMON Homepage.)

Please note that this software is for 32bit architectures. To run on 64bit computer you could do:

  • WINDOWS: 'Windows XP Mode' and 'Windows Virtual PC'. Alternatively you can use a virtual machine.
    • downloaded Virtua Box: (With this program one can create virtual computers in any system.)
    • Create a partition for Win XP and install Win XP SP3 32bit by means of an .iso file.
    • Once Win is installed activate the USB sharing between the virtual machine and the real one and transfer Simon21.exe file.
    • Install Simon.
  • LINUX: you have to add the i386 architecture to multi-architecture Ubuntu system:
    • sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
    • sudo apt-get update
    • sudo apt-get install libc6:i386 libncurses5:i386 libstdc++6:i386
    • (you may also need) sudo apt-get install multiarch-support

Features of SIMON 2.0:

    • traditional stability plot with two voltages as x- and y-axis
    • one axis can be the temperature
    • one or both axis can be a capacitance or resistance
    • differentiation in x or y direction possible
    • normal resistors allow the modeling of more complex and realistic circuits
    • current sources can be specified with a certain charge-granularity, which allows the modeling of electron injectors/pumps/turnstiles in a very easy manner
    • The tunnel model has been improved by incorporating three kinds of density of states functions
      • constant with optional bandgap (metallic)
      • square-root with bandgap (semiconductor-like)
      • x/(x2-1)1/2 with bandgap (superconductor-like)
    • discrete energy levels are modeled as gaussian functions, with mean, width, and height.
    • quasiparticle tunneling
    • SIMON is shipped in a software package where all necessary libraries (tcl/tk) are wrapped into the application. Hence no need to install any 3rd party tools to run SIMON on Linux. The installation is as easy as copying a file into a subdirectory.
    • simple automatic installation for Windows operating systems
    • graphical user interface
    • graphical circuit editor (drag and drop assembly of circuits; few mouse clicks and your circuit is assembled)
    • graphical visualization of simulation results (you can plot many graphs in one diagram; compare results from different simulations)
    • co-tunneling is simulated up to a user specified order
    • two different co-tunnel simulation algorithms are available
    • single electrons can be forced to tunnel through particular tunnel junctions in an interactive fashion
    • the system energy, all node voltages, and all node charges are updated automatically

License Terms:


        Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Christoph Wasshuber
        14 Durham Street
        Somerville, MA 02143

      LICENSOR grants to the purchaser of the license (hereinafter called LICENSEE) of the SIMON-Software-Package (hereinafter called SIMON) a non-exclusive license to use SIMON on one computer and upon the terms and conditions hereinafter set out.

      1. LICENSEE acknowledges that the code of SIMON which has been originally developed by Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Christoph Wasshuber is supplied "as is", without any accompanying maintenance services from the LICENSOR and AUTHOR.

      EDUCATIONAL and CAMPUS License:
      2. This is an EDUCATIONAL LICENSE and therefore SIMON shall be used only for educational or research purposes. The use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

      2. This is a COMMERCIAL LICENSE and therefore SIMON can be used for commercial purposes.

      3. LICENSEE agrees that any output of SIMON and any results obtained with SIMON will bear the subscript:

      "SIMON - Simulation of Nano Structures - Christoph Wasshuber"

      4. LICENSEE agrees to reference in any publication which directly or indirectly uses results obtained by SIMON the following work:

      "Computational Single-Electronics", Christoph Wasshuber, 2001, Springer-Verlag,
      ISBN 3-211-83558-X.

      5. LICENSEE agrees to notify the LICENSOR by email, or regular mail, of every publication, where output or results obtained with SIMON have been used, and to send a copy or reprint of the same publication to the LICENSOR (address see above).

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