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Skin Type by Dale A. Hildebrandt

A Multi-Phase Routine of Sensing with Your Fingertips With Multiple Typos and No Photographs!

Please Note: This routine utilizes dual reality and pre-show. If you don’t like those tools, then this manuscript is probably not for you. If you do enjoy these types of techniques, then you will enjoy this ebook.

What People are Saying:

"Cute!"Craig Browning

"Dale Hildebrandt's Skin Type is one of "those" routines. By that, I mean it's the one and only routine you need to perform when you find the right moment to do so. This routine represents a sentient crescendo made up of several methods that each cancel the other one out, leaving an untraceable smear of impossibility in the room as you ride off into the sunset.

I must admit, when reading the description of the final phase, I didn't think it would be possible without serious compromise. Needless to say, I was very happy to be proved wrong after reading the final method.

This is not something that you will read and then immediately perform. It will take work. And I love that. The reward that awaits you must be worked for, and that gives great strength to the process. The end result far outweighs the effort you will need to make in performing Skin Type. As with Dale's other creations, the key here is developing a presentation worthy of the effect(s), and that's a journey that you will enjoy addition to allowing you to create a memorable evening of mystery, the journey will make you a better performer."Don Theo III

"Nice routine. Great idea of using various methods to cancel the previous method. Very workable routine."—Greg Arce

"Dale combines multiple methods with a big dollop of deviousness, to produce a brain-frying feast of finger-feeling.—Oliver Meech

1st edition 2010; 12 pages.
word count: 2326 which is equivalent to 9 standard pages of text