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Slydini Encores Companion
by D. Angelo Ferri

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Slydini Encores Companion by D. Angelo Ferri

Slydini Encores is a great book with many photos, but despite the genuine efforts by the author and editor to capture Slydini's magic and teach it, it is tough to learn the details and the exact timing from the book. This is particularly true for students who have not experienced Slydini live. Dennis Barlotta, aka D. Angelo Ferri, who studied under Slydini for several years, provides in this video lecture the missing details and demonstrations so that you can actually learn and perform these miracles.

Dennis demonstrates and discusses almost everything from the book, Prediction in Red, Alladin Purse, Sweet Salt, etc. One routine he only briefly covers is the One Coin Routine because he has a separate video for that routine (Slydini One Coin Routine) because as Slydini stated himself, his coin routines are the gateway to his magic.

A demonstration of Slydini's cone and ball routine. You may know it by the title Capricious Cornucopia.

1st edition 2024, video 1h 9min.

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