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So Much More
by Wesley James


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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So Much More by Wesley James

Among the most essential but least addressed subjects in Magic's vast literature is how to make you, as a performer, and your magic performances stronger, better appreciated, and more memorable. Far too little has been offered to the magic community beyond largely narrative patter and lame gags, too often juvenile and sadly insulting. Apart from Make Me Care (2003) and Remarkable Ruses & Ruminations (2007), in 2014, Wesley released So Much More (2014). Building on his two earlier books, the original text explained some of what magical performers could do to improve their performances. However, in that 20-page book he could not address the most fundamental aspects of the theatrical underpinnings one must understand to apply the new approaches required to elevate the reactions created through magic. This Expanded, Revised, edition fills the gap and much more.

This New, Expanded edition adds 40 pages of new information, including three powerful and novel never previously published routines (the original edition contained no effects or routines).

The Expanded, Updated, Revised edition explains the tools of Theater and how to use them to greatly improve every effect and routine you perform. You won't need to change your magic techniques, yet you'll learn what you can do, what you must do, to increase the impact of all your magic, making it far more memorable for your audiences. It will guide you through the process of identifying your performance character, developing and honing your scripts, and creating powerful personal experiences for your audiences; experiences that could change the lives of those for whom you perform. It will also guide you to discover opportunities to perform that can open doors to more lucrative performance opportunities and a richer magical future.

Even if a wider magical audience isn't your goal, you'll find three new routines, Wesley James creations. They are unique and have never been described in print. These are routines unlike anything you've seen or read. You won't want to read this ebook, but you really should.

  • Introduction to the Revised Edition
  • You Won't Want to Read This, but You Really Should
  • A Primer on Classic Theater
  • If it was easy, everyone would do it
  • The Tools of the Playwright
  • The Playwright Meets the Actor
  • Our Magic Can Be So Much More
  • If You're Persuaded
  • It Ain't Easy
  • It Starts from Character, Let Go of Your Ego
  • Involving Your Spectator
  • Will It Work?
  • What to Do - What Not to Do
  • Improvisation
  • Final Words
  • In Review
  • 12 Reasons
  • Baseball's Been Bery Good to Me
  • How'd You Know
1st edition 2014, 2nd edition 2019, 60 pages.
word count: 31477 which is equivalent to 125 standard pages of text