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The Gimmick MagiZette: Volume 2, Issue 6 (Jun - Aug 2013)
by Solyl Kundu

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The Gimmick MagiZette: Volume 2, Issue 6 (Jun - Aug 2013) by Solyl Kundu

This final issue of volume two of TGM is full of "meats" - please read the following and judge for yourself. It must have set a record by including articles from the pen of three past IBM Int'l Presidents - Don Wiberg, Jep Hostetler and Ray Mangle - simply a prestigious issue!

The contents are …

  • Let's have a chat - here in this space TGM openly discuss its success, failures, good or bad and everything - even a scoop is here in this issue.
  • Past Glory of India - SN Dey - the generous magician is the profile LK Roy sketched in this issue.
  • Did you know ... learn 13 mysterious facts about Jeffery Atkins - a magic personality.
  • Tricky Teaser - by Derek Lawrence is the magical crossword puzzle for you to solve.
  • MagicsXposed - this issue caters a mélange of magic - ten, yes Ten tricks.
    1. MAGICamera by Somya Deb is a cute card caper for all
    2. With-a-Snap by Fabian is another card caper but not 'just another' - a brilliant one!
    3. Floating Cigarette by Solyl Kundu - you don't have to be a smoker to float a lit cigarette.
    4. Some Notions by Ali Bongo - is not a trick but a thoughtful 'dressing' of an excellent effect by Werry of Germany.
    5. Can or Bottle of Pop Production by Don Wiberg - is Simple but stunning!
    6. Cow to Chicken by Jep Hostetler - Entertain with just a handkerchief or a table napkin.
    7. Super Rope through Finger by Ray Mangel - a penetration effect as the tile suggests.
    8. Cornered by Aldo Colombini - A jumbo card effect that can be repeated without worry and the creator's name suggests the quality of the effect!
    9. The Houdini Touch My way by Gora Datta - A Peter Warlock effect modernized by a modern magician - you can't afford to miss it!
    10. Selected Suit Divination by Tom Craven - A competent creator and performer of repute gives you one of his pet card caper.
  • News and View around the Magicdom - caters national and international news.
  • In addition, Cartoons, Publicity Tips Etc.

Editor: Salil Kumar "Solyl" Kundu. E-mail: and

37 pages
word count: 8970 which is equivalent to 35 standard pages of text