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The Sphinx Volume 9 (Mar 1910 - Feb 1911)
by Albert M. Wilson


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The Sphinx Volume 9 (Mar 1910 - Feb 1911) by Albert M. Wilson
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NO. 1: MARCH 19101
Hamley's Palace Of Magic And Mystery3
The World Of Magic4
Echoes From Beanville Hal Olver5
New York Notes Edward Beadle6
News From Austria Ottokar Fischer6
An Up-to-date Table By L.T. Scott6
Knife And Cards By Alon Lord6
The Devil's Flight By Jos. Dunninger7
A Boost By Walden & Heverly7
Siggestion For "Sucker Box" Workers By Camella7
Finishing Touch For Cups And Balls By G.V. Long7
Dyeing Of Handkerchief (New) By Dr. Robert T. Boyd, Jr.8
Egg And Handkerchief By Chas. Sekavec8
A Long-felt Want8
Magic In St. Pauls And Minneapolis9
- Thurston Picture9
Rising Card Effect By Chas. G. Shepherd9
A Pair Of Pasteboard Problems By Chas. G. shepherd9
The Editor's Page10
The Downs Move By Louis M. Dick11
The Society Of American Magicians Francis J. Werner12
The Cut And Restore Handkerchief By T.C. Bonney13
An Appeal To Magicians by Peter Newton13
Orville Wright's Conjurer13
The Rising Card In Swinging Houlette By Slygo14
Situation Among Magicians By C. Porter Norton15
A Simple Mind Reading Act By Prof. Robert Gifford15
Mishaps Of Mr. A.Amateur Cartoon19
But Once A Year Before The Public19
Two Suggestions By L.T. Scott19

NO. 2: APRIL 191029
Mrs. Eva L. Kellar Obit31
Billaiard Ball Manipulation By Herr Jansen31
A Magnetized Billiard Ball By George Podmore31
The World Of Magic32
- From Atlanta Alon Lord33
- New York Notes Edward Beadle34
- Chicago Letter I.F. Halton34
- Echoes from Beanville Hal Olver34
The Magic Coin, Handkerchief And Rice By T.C. Bonney35
Rising Card Effect By Slygo36
Hooked Coin For Back-palming By Ora S. Harmas37
Production From Handkerchief By H.A. Robinson37
Card Rising Wand By Al Baker37
The Editor's Page38
How To Be A Successful Magician By Clement De Lion39
The Torn Card And A New Use For The Spirit Slates By Harry Comer39
In Memoriam Imro Fox39
The Society Of American Magicians Francis J. Werner40
British Magical Society Fred Walker40
English Notes Fred Sinclair41
Order Of The Magi G.W. Painter41
Dunninger's Hindoo Duck Box By Joseph Dunninger42
Million Dollar Mystery By Theodore DeLand, Jr.42
- Million Dollar Mystery Chart43
Chartered Under State Laws I.F. Halton Incorportes44
Australian News C.W. Williams44
His Winning Trick By Prof. Harry Helms44
Agent & Magician Cartoon46

NO. 3: MAY 191053
Hal Merton Bio55
The Penetrating Billiard Ball By Joseph Dunninger55
A Little Handkerchief Color Change By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward55
The World Of Magic56
- New York Notes Beadle & Martinka57
- Maro Grave Marker58
- Forty-five Years Of Magic58
The Diminishing Half Dollar By Lionel T. Scott59
Dr. Elliot's Card Shuffling Sleight Analyzed By Dr. Elliot59
Exposers By Hal Olver60
Chicago Letter I.F. Halton60
S.A.M. 2nd Vaudeville Oscar S. Teale61
Dunninger's Number Mystery By Joseph Dunninger61
Book Note61
The Editor's Page62
The Knocker Poem62
Billiard Ball Manipulation By Herr Jansen63
A Spirit Message By Chris63
A Novel Finish To An Off-Hand Trick By Anstro63
The Society Of American Magicians Francis J. Werner64
- 2nd Magical Performance64
The Sphinx Inexhaustible Cabinet By A.E. bloom65
Exposers Cartoon70

NO. 4: JUNE 191077
Madame Julia Thorn Re: Picture79
Don't Go Back (Poem) By Charles Niel Smith79
Chartomantic Divination By James V. Moran79
The World Of Magic80
- Chicago Letter I.F. Halton81
- Echoes From Beanville Hal Olver82
- From Atlanta82
George White Thurston Assistant82
- George White Picture82
Truth Will Come To Light By Dr. Elliot82
Billiard Ball Manipulation By Herr Jansen83
Thought Transmission Extraordinary by A.E. Bloom83
A Couple Of Practical Suggestions By T.C. Bonney83
Dunninger's Mystic Cabinet By The Mysterious Dunninger84
Mental Telepathy Of 1 To 10 Card Trick In New Dress By H.A. Canar84
A Good Card Problem By T.C. Bonney85
The Vanishing Billiard Ball By H.A.Robinson85
The Editor's Page86
A Practical Use Of The Black Art Table By G. Bergdoll86
A New Wrinkle On An Old Card Trick By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward87
A Clever Combination By Michael F. Zens87
Squibs, Knocks And Boots By Edward P. Couran87
The Society Of American Magicians Fracis J. Werner88
- 6th Annual Banquet88
Observations By Makino89
A Suggestion On Dr. Woodward's "The Cast Of The Die" By Slygo90
Faustus News Review90
An Improved Handkerchief Vanish By Dunninger91
Finale To "The Cards Up The Sleeve" By George W. Berger91
Rising Card (Old Standby) By Edward Conklin91
Rising Cards By Mahatma (W.H.B. Mason)92
Black Magician Cartoon94
A Passe Passe Trick, A La Bottle And Glass By Sam Bennett94
An Effective Card Trick by Harry Comer94

NO. 5: JULY 1910101
De Drick Eggsposed By Chorsch Tuppleyou Tay103
A Coin Stunt For The Parlor By C. J. Stilwell103
A Revelry By Oscar S. Teale103
The World Of Magic104
- From Atlanta Alon Lord104
- Mystico's Notes104
- Mew York Notes F.J. Martinka105
- English Notes Fred Sinclair105
- British Magical Society106
Dunninger's Yogi Mystery By Joseph Dunninger107
Another One By Harry Louine107
Producing A Deck Of Cards From A Borrowed Handkerchief By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward108
The Nest Of Boxes And The Ball Of Wool By Bailey & Osborne108
A Novel Coin Pass By The Mysterious Dunninger108
Variation Of Twentieth Century Flag Effect By C.J. Stilwell109
The Editor's Page110
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott111
- The Excelsior Billiards111
- To Prove The Absence Of A Shell111
- Evanishment111
More On The Reverse Back Palm111
A Good Combination With A Hooked And Double Coin By De Bon112
Magic In Vaudeville By Trebor113
New Idea For Loaf Of Bread And Watch Trick By Prof. Robt. Gifford113
An Easy Method Of Vanishing And Reappearing Three Chosen Cards By De Bon113
Same Trick Cartoon114
Card Palming By Louis Archer114

NO. 6: AUGUST 1910121
Joseph Dunninger Bio123
A Wand And Hat Trick by The Mysterious Dunninger123
New Thimble Color Change By De Vega123
The World Of Magic124
- Echoes From Beanville Hal Olver125
- Hartford, Conn. Notes P.N. Ring125
- Mystico's Notes125
- New York Notes F. J. Martinka126
- S.A.M. Report R. Van Dien126
Fanning The King By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward127
The New Phantom Card Trick Or "Two From Five Leaves Nothing" By Theodore L. DeLand, Jr.128
A New Fish Trick By H.E. Vander Koor129
The Penetrating Finger Up-to-Date By Harry H. Comer129
The Editor's Page130
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott131
- Spectacular Umbrella Productions131
A Wrinkle For The Goldin Change By C.J. Stilwell131
An Ethereal Vanish By De Vega132
Billiard Ball Magic By C.P. Scott133
A Novel Idea For The Parlor Entertainer By Milton Bridges133
A Suggestion By The Mysterious Dunninger134
A Card Change Novelty By Maxwell Holden134
Squibs, Knocks And Boots By Edward P. Conran134
A Neat Transformation With Billiard Ball And Handkerchief By De Bon134
Dresdin's Disappearing Glass, Ring And Handkerchief135
To Prove The Absence Of A Shell By T.J. Crawford135
Another Combination Of Well Known Principles And Sleights That Will Prove Effective And Easy By De Bon135
Parlor Magic135
Yogi Club Menu Card136
The Changing Spots By H.A. Robinson135

NO. 7: SEPTEMBER 1910141
Clyde W. Powers Bio143
Novel Production Of A Handkerchief By De Vega143
Dunninger's Tumbler And Handkerchief Trick By The Mysterious Dunninger143
The World Of Magic144
- Cleveland, O., Magic Notes145
- New York Notes T.J. Martinka145
- Mystico's Notes146
- London Letter Harold Webbe146
A Good Coin Trick For Impromptu Work By De Bon147
Minnie's Mathematical Card Trick By O.R. Estes147
Egg In Hat By De Vega148
Togo Ishi's Paper Napkin Trick Walton148
A Trick She Knew148
A Simple Trick148
DeLand's New Mind Reading Trick By Theodore L. DeLand, Jr.149
To Force Cards Without Making A Pass By Slygo149
The Editor's Page152
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott153
- Excelsior Billiard Ball Envanishment153
A Card Color Change To Be Introduced Between Other Tricks By Suregeon Rell M. Woodward154
Suggestions For A Second Sight Act By J.H.H.154
More Vaudeville Magicians By Trebor154
Overhand Shuffle To Keep Whole Deck In Order By Slygo154
S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner155
A Good Use For The Extra Finger By Ch. Charpiot155
To Name All The Cards In The Deck After They Have Been Shuffled By Slygo155
A Live Baby From A Hat By Edward P. Conran155

NO. 8: OCTOBER 1910161
A.L. Salvail Bio163
To Cause The Chosen Card To Appear At Any Number By Slygo163
A New Color Change By The Mysterious Dunninger163
The World Of Magic164
- London Letter Harold Webbe165
- New York Notes F.J. Martinka165
- Chicago Letter I.F. Halton165
- Mystico's Notes166
- Twin City Magic Club Picture166
Improved Double Handed Pass By De Vega166
The Hunter's Dream By A.E. Bloom167
Master Mysteries Of Mechanical Magic Applying To Illusions And Stage Tricks By Burling Hull168
- The Devil's Drum168
- The Devil's Drum (Continued)169
S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner170
Warfield As A Conjurer 171
A Suitcase Cabinet Philip N. Ring174
A Word About The Dealer, Amateur And S.A.M. By C. De Lion174
Thimble Pull By Jos. Sussman175
The Artist Card By M.F. Crowe175
Same Trick Cartoon175
The Editor's Page176
Passe, Passe, Handkerchiefs By Prof. Robert Gifford176
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott177
- Billiard Ball Moves177
A Novel Hank And Sword Trick By Sheldon Simms177
The Card On The Glass Trick By M.F. Crowe178
Chance by M.F. Crowe178
A Subtle Billiard Ball Vanish By Harry H. Comer179
The Bottle, Handkeerchief And Apple By J.E. Burgoyne179

NO. 9: NOVEMBER 1910185
Burling Gilbert Galt Hull Bio187
Immortality Poem187
The World Of Magic188
- New York Notes Francis J. Martinka189
- Viennese And Austrian News Ottokar Fischere189
- London News Harold Webbe190
Magician Will Power By Edward C/ Conklin190
Novel Box Escape By Chas. R. Brush190
Comer's Perfection Billiard Ball Color Change By Harvey H. Comer190
A Clever Combination By G. Wilhelm191
Henry Hatton Picture192
Adrian Plate Picture192
Sphinx Items By Burling Hull193
S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner194
Packing Case Mystery By J.E. Pierce194
The Watchmaker In Trouble By Ottokar Fischeer194
- "The Watchmaker" Continued196
The Multiplying Plate By Max Cadet198
The Devil's Handkerchief Production By The Mysterious Dunninger198
Mystifying Thousands By Harry J. Freeman199
The Editor's Page200
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott201
- The Phantom Glove Trick201
The Future Of Magic By Louis C. Haley201
A Practical Clip For Coins Or Cards By De Bon202

NO. 10: DECEMBER 1910209
Rameses (Albert Marchinski Ramese) Bio211
- Rameses Picture211
The World Of Magic212
- Mystico's News213
- Accurate News Of Magicians213
- Chicago Letter I.F. Halton214
- London Letter Harold Webbe215
- S.A.M. Report 215
A Couple Of Suggestions By Geo. Troseth215
Mrs. Eugene Laurant Obit216
- Mrs. Eugene Laurant Picture216
Still Another Handkerchief Production By De Vega216
Neither Has Suppost Cartoon217
Dunninger's Vanishing Lamp By The Mysterious Dunninger217
The Nine Burling Hull Handkerchief Wands By Burling Galt Hull218
A Novel Water Into Wine Experiment By R.S. Wynkoop219
Some Useful Hints For The Young Magician By Al Baker219
Some European Impressions By Dr. J.G.F. Holston, Jr.222
The Handkerchief And Card Board Tube By J.E. Burgoyne223
Mysterious Transportation Of Two Cards223
The Editor's Page224
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott225
- An Applaud Getting "Back Palm" Gag225
- An Up-to-date "Back Hand" Palm Trick225
- The Latest Handkerchief And Confetti Trick225
A Move For Ball Vanishing From Glass Of Water By Vega226
New Ball Pass By Vega226
How Does He Do It? By Wm. M. Nolan227

NO. 11: JANUARY 1911233
William A. Russell Bio235
1600 - Rehbeins Mental Calendar -2000 A.J. Rehbein235
Adaptation Of The 20th Century Handkerchief Trick By H.S. Percival235
Do You Know By Edward C. Conklin235
More Hints By Al Baker235
The World Of Magic236
- Herr Jansen's Appearance In Chicago By E.A. Gardner237
- London Letter Harold Webbe238
- Chicago Letter I.F. Halton238
- S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner238
Dunninger's Flying Handkerchief By The Mysterious Dinninger240
A Prolific Handkerchief Edward C. Conklin240
De Vega Cone And Ball By De Vega241
De Vega Handkerchief To Ball Sleight241
Another Invisible Servante By A.E. Bloom241
Improved Rabbit Servante By Walton241
The Nine Burling Hull Handkerchief Wands by Burling Galt Hull242
Another Use For The Hooked Coin By De Bon242
Improved Devil's Handkerchief Production By Cliff Green242
A Modern Handkerchief Combination By S.B. Blodgett243
An Effective Parlor Trick By C. J. Stillwell243
A Trick With Some Ink And A Rabbit by Will Goldston244
An Effective Coin Transposition By De Bon245
Enchanted Cornucopia by Charles Neil Smith246
Color Changing Handkerchiefs Passe, Passe By Ed Conklin246
Editor's Page247
Twists Of Fancy by Lionel Scott248
- Billiard Ball Moves248
5th Banquet Of The Magic Circle248
A Bag Of Tricks And A Hat Production Cartoon248
A Novel Way Of Doing The Thurston Rising Cards By Harry Hunt Comer251

NO. 12: FEBRUARY 1911257
A Series Of Shuffles By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward259
Cards Tacked To Ceiling By John Nelson259
P.T. Selbit Bio260
Patter For Vanishing Bird Cage By G.V. Long260
The World Of Magic261
Mystico's Notes262
3rd Annual S.A.M. Entetainment263
S.A.M. Report Francis J. werner264
Ladies Night At S.A.M.264
Dunninger's Wand Tricks By The Mysterious Dunninger265
Two Ideas By H.A. Robinson265
The Editor's Page266
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott267
Improved Organ Pipe Trick By L. Raymond Schuch267
The Vase, Handkerchief And Hat By Robert T. Boyd, Jr.267
Making The Two-Handed Pass With The Third Finger Instead Of Little Finger By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward268
The Changeover Palm By John S. Van Gilder268
A New Mind Reading With Cards By Harry H. Comer269
The Wandering Billiard BallBy Maxwell Holden269
Water To Wine - A Suggestion By F.G.J.269
The Patriotic Rabbit By G. V. Long270
Illusion - The Scarecrow By De Vega270

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